Women’s Fashion – Summer Colour Trends 2020

Women’s Fashion – Trending Colours this Summer

Summer has arrived and that means clothing retailers have ushered in the latest trends and stocked their stores from floor to ceiling with the items we must have.

And there’s a clear theme. This year, summer trends will feature subtle colour. Don’t stress, it won’t be bland – designs will still have enough interest and intrigue but won’t rely on loud, out-there styling to garner attention.

As a personal fashion stylist, here are my colour choices for your 2020 summer wardrobe:

Emerald green
It’s no wonder green is a popular colour. When we see it, we immediately think of nature and that makes us feel calm and relaxed. This summer, try a classic variation of green in emerald. It’s a colour that’s casual and classy at the same time.

I love this Sandrine camisole from Witchery – $129.95

Sage green
Emerald green is your only choice when it comes to summer. For something subtler, try sage green. This has a very khaki feel to it and is a light and airy colour for our long, hot days and warm nights.

You’ll look great in this cotton poplin short sleeve shirt from Trenery – $129

cotton poplin short sleeve shirt from Trenery


Colours that resemble the sun make perfect sense in summer and orange is one of them. Orange is often an under-utilised colour but it offers freshness and vibrancy and should be worn with confidence.

I suggest this frill sleeve linen top from Country Road – $139

frill sleeve linen top from Country Road


Nothing conjures up images of an ideal summer more than a holiday spent in the Mediterranean, with its picturesque beaches and terracotta landscape. While I can’t send you there, I do know that terracotta will be a popular colour in summer 2020.

Try this terracotta linen shirt from Country Road – $119

Arguably the most summer colour of them all. Sunflowers combine two things that thrive in summer – the sun and flowers. When used as a colour in stylish clothing, how could it go wrong? Well, this year it won’t and it’s a colour trend I want to see you embrace.

Check-out this rivers of gold shirt from Marcs – $111.97

Rivers of gold shirt from Marcs


It’s classic. It’s classy. It’s fresh. It’s everything. White is a colour that just works no matter the season. White will remain a staple colour this summer and crisp, clean styles and designs will attract a lot of attention.

I can’t go past this empress skirt from Viktoria & Woods – $390

Empress skirt from Viktoria & Woods

Yes I know, yellow will always feature in a ‘trends of summer colour guide’ and 2020 will be no different. But unlike previous summers, this one will see more toned down, less bright versions of a favourite colour and I think it works.

Heading to the beach, a cafe or casual bar? Wear this wide rib tapered tank from bassike – $100

Wide rib tapered tank from bassike

The Australian summer demands that you brighten up your wardrobe and step out in something that reflects a fun and happy summer mood.

But this year, colours have been scaled back ever so slightly to be more subtle and in summer 2020 I think it’s a trend that will work.

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