Winter Trends 3. Knee High Boots vs Ankle Boots - Styled By Sally

Winter Trends 3. Knee High Boots vs Ankle Boots


winter-trends-3-bootsBoots are synonymous with winter, keeping the feet free from exposure to the elements. Let’s face it, even well pedicured feet and immaculate toe nails don’t make up for a slightly blue skin tone that comes with exposed feet and chilly weather.

Whilst boots keep your feet covered and protected during the colder months, there is more to them than simple practicality. Boots can make or break an outfit.

But what do you go with this winter; the knee highs or the ankle boots?

Luckily, this season you can have both.

Ankle boots are a hot fashion item for winter. They are available in a range of heights, some finishing just below the ankle and others rising up towards mid-calf. They are all heeled and high heeled boots are right on trend.


Long boots are worn in either flat or high heeled styles. They are long, slim and sleekly styled, as opposed to the heavy looking boots of earlier seasons.

Decorative buckles are a popular feature of winter boots, and don’t just picture your boots in blacks or neutral. You will also see them with retro patterns.

Both styles of boot can look fabulous. A pair of high heeled ankle boots in a dark colour, paired with dark tights and plaid shorts will have you looking hot as the weather cools, whereas knee high boots look fabulous and warm when teamed with a knee length, wool knit skirt and definitely when worn over skinny jeans.

As with most trends, the choice of boot does depend on the rest of the outfit and the occasion. If you want to retain the feminine look, keep with classic skirts and jackets when you include the knee length boots. If you like to add a chic edge to your look,choose ankle boots instead. They can look fabulous worn with a dress.

Trousers and tailored pants, however, work well with ankle boots and prevent any bulging and odd shapes, giving your pants legs a much cleaner, neater line and look.

If you’re working them with jeans, a skinny leg is your best option, as they work well with both ankle and knee high boots. Keep the ankle boots for when you’re socialising indoors; heading off to the movies or a restaurant, or a dinner party with friends.

The knee highs will keep the chill out as well as have you looking great when you’re out at a barbeque or other outdoor activity. They also work fabulously with warm, winter coats and set the look off brilliantly.

Why not get yourself a pair of each?

The simplest way to look your best.

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