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Who inspires your style?


As a stylist I get asked quite a lot about who and what inspires my style. In a recent interview with an online retailer, my answer to this was ‘ my personal style can change from day to day, depending on my mood, who my client is, what I’m working on and what I’m doing. My style swings from the minimalist ‘fashion editor’ (as a friend often describes me as) to sophisticated feminine with a bohemian twist to relaxed urbanite featuring drop crotch jeans and tee. I often finish off my look with a great jacket or coat.’

It’s true I don’t have one specific look and style that I adhere to everyday. Sometimes I wish I did; it would make choosing what to wear so much easier.

We all get ideas and inspiration from all sorts of people and places that influence what we wear or how we put an outfit together. Some of us are inspired by our favourite, past and present, celebrities, singers and actresses. Some of us prefer to emulate the style of people we see on the streets or follow via street-style blogs. I’m sure some of you get your inspiration from those around you: your grandmother, your boss or your best friend.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking to others to inspire your style. Let’s face it, there are really only a few people in this world who seem to start and set trends as we know them. Traditionally that has been fashion designers but now it’s more and more in the hands of the celebrity (think Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Alexa Chung) who set the trends as fast Zara can replicate them.

Access to visual inspiration is getting easier and easier. Once having to wait for your monthly mag to arrive, we can now access images every single second via Instagram. And it is through this channel that I have to confess, is where I take much of my daily style inspiration.

I have a few Instagram users that I love (OK, that I stalk) They are:

@tashsefton @merryparker @andandreastyle @trinnywoodall @harperandharley @manrepeller

What I get from Instagram are ideas for how I can style the things that are already in my wardrobe. I look at the images and think ‘I can put that look together’ and then I recreate it.

Here are some examples of how I’ve been inspired:


My biggest Insta crush is Tash Sefton. Actually, I tweeted the images above and below as @tashsefton herself had been inspired by MY style! (so I thought)


Street Style Inspo


Camel trench and double denim as inspired by @tashsefton

Well I’ve shared my style secrets, now I’d love to hear yours. Who do you get your style inspiration from?

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