What's on trend for Autumn and Winter - Styled By Sally

What’s on trend for Autumn and Winter


Soon the days will be shorter and cooler and we must consider covering up instead of keeping cool. So what’s on trend for the coming cooler months?

Autumn and winter are often fairly sedate when it comes to colour and fashion, with neutrals at the centre of a palate that makes ladies who love colour wish the cold days away. Thankfully this year we can look forward to something more exciting to pair with the monochrome staples in your wardrobe to make the season a little more fun.

Get ready for prints, prints and more prints. Graphic as well as floral, geometric patterns abound, and the florals are bold and dramatic. These coming months are heaven for the adventurous and spirited fashion lovers and a little intimidating for wallflowers who like to blend in a little more. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay current and dabble in this seasons look if you are usually a black/charcoal/brown and white kind of girl.

For the brave, who are confident in their style and happy to stand out in a crowd, go all out with matching accessories in a co-ordinating colour to complete your look. If you are less courageous, pare it back with little or no jewellery.

If you want to be fashionable but step it down a touch, wear printed pants, skirt or top and white or black with a splash of colour in your accessories and shoes. This is a particularly good option if you think the item has a short style life and will only be worn for the one season. You don’t want to spend money on high end pieces that you can’t imagine wearing next winter, never mind for years to come. A printed pant or top, or a special occasion dress on sale or from a cheaper brand might be just the touch of print and trend you need for when you want to mix it up a little.

If you fall in love with something on trend and want to invest in a bold printed item you can see yourself wearing for many years, play it safe and invest in something monochrome for a graphic pant or skirt, or a classic shape dress in a floral print. DesignerDion Lee has some high quality and stylish pieces in prints that might fit the bill if your budget stretches that far.

And just because something is on trend and obviously seasonal doesn’t mean you need to try the look at all. If you have a well-developed personal style that makes you feel confident and beautiful, and know what works for you, then do more of that. If it’s not broken you don’t have to fix it. Just remember that fashion is for fun, so play with it and enjoy yourself.

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