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What to wear to a job interview.


You’ve sent out dozens of resumes, and are finally starting to hear back from potential employers who wish to take the next step and interview you. What you wear is critical, because the old saying that, ‘first impressions are lasting impressions,’ is very true when it comes to the job interview.

Do Your Research
Before you chose what you will wear, do your homework and check out what current employees typically wear during a regular workday at the office. Notice what successful employees are wearing, and take your cues from there. The important thing is that regardless of what you wear, you want to make it easy for the interviewer to visualize you in their office. If it’s a formal office, choose tailored suits and classic pieces. If it’s informal,

Less is More
Use the less is more approach. You don’t want to distract the interviewer with too much visual stimulation. Avoid prints that are too loud either with their shade of colour or pattern. If you absolutely feel the need to add a dash of colour to your attire, you can brighten up your look with a blouse in a solid colour with a rich-jewelled tone, or accessorize your suit in a similar fashion with a scarf.

Keep jewellery pieces to a minimum, as well as use a light touch when applying make-up. Avoid strong scents when using soap or applying cologne and perfume. Get a fresh trim or pull your hair back into a sleek chignon or other simple hairstyle that features clean lines so that you project a polished, confident image.

Check the Fit
Make certain that your clothes are tailored so that they fit well, and practice wearing your outfit and being able to move freely in it if it is new. This tip is especially true if you have been out of the workforce for a while and have perhaps bought a new suit just for this purpose.

Check the Detail
Pay attention to detailing and select shoes, handbags or other accessories that coordinate with the outfit and are of good quality and in good repair.

Be up to Date
Select clothes with classic lines and in styles that never go out of date so that you can pair them with different accessories for versatility. If you have been out of the workforce for a few years don’t assume that what you wore then will still be good to go now. Clothes deteriorate even while hanging in your wardrobe.

Remember that no matter what you wear you must feel comfortable and confident while wearing it. That alone will help you create a wonderful first impression. Following these simple tips can help you to select an outfit that will make you both feel and look great and project a professional image when you attend the interview.


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