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How to wear animal print


Animal print is back in business. It has reached far beyond the leopard print and is embracing beasts from farm and jungle.

This means you can choose to ‘wear’ your favourite animal without having to resort to real furs and skins. There are many exciting animal prints, and variations of the traditional print, which are stylish, affordable and have you looking fabulous and on trend.

Tempting as it can be at times to dress yourself from head to toe in animal print, this can give the illusion that you’ve left the house wearing a onesie. The biggest secret to successfully wearing animal print is to limit the amount you wear.

Decide whether your animal print is to be the focus of your outfit or the accent. If you are concerned that the print will overpower your look or your personality, use it as an accent in your handbag, scarf or other accessory.

If you prefer a bolder look, and intend to use animal print in your clothing – a blouse or skirt for example – there are some rules that apply. If you’re dressing yourself in it, you really only need your top or your bottom to be animal print. Never both, and certainly not matched with similar animal print accessories.

Team your print with a similar, block colour. Leopard and giraffe print offer a little more choice, and can easily be teamed with a black or tan. Black and white prints, like zebra, cow and Dalmatian are best teamed with a block black or white; black jeans or leggings, or a white shirt. A splash of colour can be added with a simple accessory; a brooch or pendant in a bright colour is best.

It you’re wearing the print as a top, be aware of how it looks near your face. Choose a print which has colours to flatter your skin tone. The yellow-based tiger print looks best with warm skin tones where the dramatic black and white of zebra print often suits cooler skin tones.

Animal print dresses can look either hideous or fabulous, depending on how well you accessorise. Nude colours on the legs, with subtle, single coloured shoes ideally in black will look fantastic without being overbearing. If you are going to wear jewellery, keep it simple and minimalist, and if you are wearing a coat, keep it neutral and classic. This prevents it from clashing with the outfit, and also affords the opportunity for a fabulous reveal.

As always, remember to be smart about your purchases so you can easily mix and match your outfits. Now, go get ’em, tiger!

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