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The Wardrobe Styling service is perfect for people who have a lot of clothes, but feel they wear the same thing over and over.

This service is designed to get the most from your existing pieces but also identify any gaps and recommend items that will update or compliment your existing wardrobe.

With fresh eyes, our stylists will create a variety of outfits, mixing and matching items you never thought possible, to create an entire new wardrobe from your very own pieces.

How does the Wardrobe Styling work?

Our stylists will create outfits from head to toe using the pieces you already have, including your accessories, shoes and handbags. Each outfit is photographed (either on you or laid out on the bed) collated in a ‘look book’ and emailed to you or shared via iCloud.

Perfect for sticking to the back of your wardrobe door or saving on your phone, so the next time you find yourself saying, ‘I have a wardrobe of clothes but nothing to wear,’ you’ll have the outfits right in front of you!

Pricing: Lore, Anne and Prue $155 per hour

Sally $195 per hour

2 hour minimum

See an example: 3 Garments, 8 Looks

Wardrobe Styling

Book or enquire about Wardrobe Styling or call Sally on 0416 184 997

The simplest way to look your best.

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