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Wardrobe SOS!

Need help and need it now! Conducted online via Skype, this service is perfect for those last minute ‘I have nothing to wear!’ or ‘does this work with this?’ moments. Note: this is an on-call service (depending on Sally’s availability) or you can pre-book your online consultation.

The Wardrobe SOS service includes a 30 minute Skype call where you can show Sally your outfit options and she will provide immediate feedback, advice, suggestions. Recommended for: those who need a quick style fix, are time poor or can’t make an appointment within working hours.

Pricing: $100 minimum pre-paid, for first 30 mins (charges of $25 for each ¼ hour after)

Wardrobe SOS
Wardrobe SOS
Wardrobe SOS

Book or enquire about Wardrobe SOS or call Sally on 0416 184 997

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