The Turtleneck- How to Style it in Winter - Styled By Sally

The Turtleneck- How to Style it in Winter


Once again, the change of season calls for a change of wardrobe and winter 2015 brings us opportunity to wear one of the warmest, most comforting items around; the turtleneck. If that makes you instantly think of Howard Wolowitz from Big Bang Theory, get ready to change your ideas about the turtleneck.


Taking cues from the runways of New York Fashion Week back in February (above) it is clear the turtleneck can be more varied and versatile than we may have previously thought, and can be styled a number of ways to give great shape to an outfit and bring all eyes to your face.

The beauty of the turtleneck lies partly in its warmth, and partly in the added allure that can be achieved by covering an extra few inches. A turtleneck shirt worn with jeans or slacks looks great with a blazer or cardigan, giving a well put together, but casual vibe. For evenings, or a fancier event, this season’s turtleneck dresses worn beneath a structured trench-coat with a well-heeled boot signal a confident elegance, a la several Kardashian sisters.


Fortunately for us in Australia, with our relatively warm winters, some of this season’s most surprising turtleneck looks don’t require rotating out the summer wardrobe altogether. This year’s trend allows wearing a turtleneck under a favourite summer dress, using the higher neckline and sleeves to winterise looks normally reserved for warmer weather. It could be a mini, a sundress, or even a strapless jumpsuit. Simply pull your dress on over the turtleneck, and slip into a pair of knee high boots and you have instant winter style.


With a turtleneck layer you are right in season and on trend. Also, if the heat just seems too much to bear, another version of the turtleneck look is a simple band or collar covering the neck, leaving the d√©colletage exposed. Sometimes known as a ‘dicky’, this is a fake turtleneck which is enough to add some seasonal style to your look without adding the bulk that sometimes comes with it.

Cable-knit, ribbed, or satiny silk, this winter the turtleneck will keep you warm and cozy, and really make an impression. The only limit to the way you wear it is your imagination. This year, anything goes with the turtleneck.

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