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Transseasonal Dressing 

I think it’s fair to say the weather has started to cool… but only just. And not that I’m willing on winter (well perhaps just a little) but I am starting to admire the winter wardrobes of my northern hemisphere Instagram friends and planning my own winter outfits.

We know that many of our clients like to switch out their wardrobes for the new season ~ pack away their summer clothes and get out their winter woollies. But with our seasons becoming a little more unpredictable, so too can our daily style needs!

When working with clients, we often talk about the transseasonal wardrobe ~ those pieces that will seamlessly cross from season into the next. The pieces that are worth keeping in the wardrobe all year round.

But what are they and how do you style them for the different seasons?

Here are our tips on the key pieces that will get you great bang for your buck throughout the year.

Trench Coat

One of our favourite wardrobe classics, the trench is the ultimate transseasonal piece. As long as your trench is not made of wool, the classic cotton trench can be worn throughout the year for many occasions.

For corporate women, the trench is the perfect coat to wear when mornings are cool but days are mild. You can wear your trench to and from work, but take it off during the day. Depending on the day’s temperatures, you can simply wear a sleeveless blouse, lightweight knit or dress underneath.

For a more casual look, the trench is the perfect throw over in Spring and Autumn with a pair of jeans, striped tee and sneakers. So simple, so chic for all ages, shapes and sizes. As the weather cools, add a scarf, switch out the tee for a knit and sneakers for ankle boots. Too easy.

Leather Jacket

Another great wardrobe classic (and often quite an investment) your leather jacket should be working hard for its money across the seasons. Be it in black, red or brown (or any other colour) the leather jacket can be layered to make it the perfect accessory throughout the year.

Now is the perfect season ~ Autumn ~ to start wearing your leather jacket. Team it over your favourite dress for a more relaxed look.

Wear it on the weekends over relaxed pants and sneakers or on a girls night out over black skinny jeans, a silky blouse and heels.

Ankle Boots

You’ve probably all seen women wearing ankle boots at all times of the year, which is exactly why you shouldn’t pack them away over the warmer months. Ankle boots offer more versatility than knee length boots which is why they’re a great item to have in your wardrobe.

There are many styles of ankle boots, and not ALL styles will work with the following suggestions. You’ll get the idea via the images attached.

Try your boots with dresses and skirts and bare legs. Yes, bare legs! The key to nailing this look is to ensure your boots hug the ankle quite snuggly (i.e. not much gape) and if you’re not tall, to ensure the boots don’t finish too far up your leg. Remember, the narrowest part of your lower leg (the ankle) is where a boot will be most flattering.

There’s a new ankle boot trend in town this season ~ The Sock Boot. As pictured below, the sock boots fits like a sock and also finishes much further up the leg. It’s not for everyone, but does work particularly well under jeans and trousers because the boot fits so closely.

If you want to give this look a try, unless you’re tall, ensure there’s a reasonable gap between where the boot finishes and skirt/dress hem falls.

Ankle boots are the perfect transseasonal item when the weather cools and it’s time to start covering the feet and ankles. Whether you’re a jean wearer or prefer a classic black trouser, an ankle boot is an easy transition.

Black Jeans

Don’t think of black jeans (or anything black for that matter) as more appropriate for winter weather. Black jeans are great all year round ~ dress them up, dress them down ~ layer them to create the perfect winter look.

To lighten up your black jeans in the warmer months, keep your accessories in lighter, softer shades like pale blue, white and grey marle. This can include scarves, tops, jackets, shoes and bags.

In cooler temps, use your black jeans to rug up under a chunky oversized knit or long cardigan, add those transseasonal ankle boots and a winter scarf. Hey, you could even add your leather jacket!

Your Fave Summer Dresses {and skirts}

Before you start thinking of packing away your summer dresses, stop and consider this. Why not layer that favourite dress over some tights, ankle boots and a jacket? If you’re a turtle neck wearer, teaming the two together is a key look for this winter.

There’s no real limitations on the style of dress you can wear for this look, it’s more about taking the plunge and just giving it a crack. I’m sure some of you have worn your dresses and skirts with knee high boots in the cooler months?

One of my fave new looks to get more wear out of my dresses is to wear them over jeans… yes jeans! Not sure you can pull it off?

Try wearing a shorter dress like a tunic (pic below) so you see more of the jean. And of course a small heel will always help.

Get the most out of your wardrobe by thinking outside the seasonal square.

Have you noticed that all of the aforementioned items work together? Not only are our suggestions great for transitioning from season to season, but also form the foundation of your capsule wardrobe.

Need some help with creating new looks using your existing wardrobe? Our Wardrobe Edit service will show you how to mix and match your wardrobe like a pro.

The simplest way to look your best.

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