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Them’s the breaks…


You may think that choosing a pair of men’s trousers is simple enough, but there are many factors to consider. One of them being, what length do I choose?

The appropriate length to wear a men’s trouser can change as quickly as fashion does, but it’s important to choose a length that works for you. When it comes to length it’s all about ‘the break’. The break is where your pants touch your shoes. The lower the break, the deeper the horizontal crease that sits on your shoe.

There are four common types of break, as pictured below. First is the full break. This is where the fabric is long enough that it drapes over the shoe and creates an obvious break on top on the shoe. You could say that this style leaves the most obvious bunching at the shoe.

Next is the half break. Trousers fall midway between the top of your shoe and the top of the sole, creating a neat break which just finishes on the laces. This is probably the most common length and one which most tailors will advise when altering.

Then comes the quarter break. A more modern length which means the trousers are worn high on the leg with very little space between the bottom of the trouser hem and the shoe. This length works well with a tapered or slim leg trouser or jean.

Lastly is the ‘no break’. Highly fashionable for the hipster youth who like their trousers tight and short. Great for slim physiques who want to show off their designer socks or bare ankles (or the likes of 007 Daniel Craig) but this look is not for everyone.

My professional advice is to go for something in the middle- the half or quarter break, for a modern, flattering style.

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