The Top Autumn Winter 2018 Trends for Men - Styled By Sally

The Top Autumn Winter 2018 Trends for Men

Winter is here, there’s no denying it. The days are grey and shorter, and the wind is colder. The change in season usually calls for a change in clothes. Yes, we have to keep ourselves warm! If you’re looking for inspiration for your winter style, the Autumn/Winter 2018 menswear trends seen across the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London is a good place to start. Keep yourself feeling warm and looking dapper with the following top Autumn/Winter 2018 trends for men.

Statement jumpers

Jumpers are still a staple for the cold weather. From luxurious knits to pops of colour, they were seen all over the catwalks in Europe. Ski-themed prints, colours and texture were over-arching themes. Is this cold weather making you feel a bit gloomy? Try wearing a jumper in a bold colour or go for interesting patterns. The burst of colour is a cheerful contrast to an otherwise grey and chilly day.

Ted Baker wool blend jumper $219

Padded jackets

Quilted and padded jackets are extremely popular outerwear for Autumn/Winter 2018. Aside from being trendy, they’re great at keeping you warm too! Want to make a statement? Try a padded jacket in a sunrise orange colour, but make sure the rest of your outfit is neutral and simple.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket $109.90

Technical wear

Nothing says winter more than snow-ready style. In Paris, technical wardrobes were taken to new heights with snow-ready style. Increasing technical sportswear were also popular on the streets of the world’s capital cities. Hybrid pieces that combine style and technology were all the rage among designer brands such as Balenciaga and Lanvin.

While snow-ready technical wear might be too much for everyday wear, if you plan to hit the slopes this winter, make sure to invest in jackets and track suits that are not only trendy but can also keep you warm and protect you from the elements.

G-Star Hooded Anorak Jacket $300

Belted coats

Belted coats were another popular outerwear in Europe’s catwalks. Try pairing a classic trench with your business wear. It’s smart, stylish and adds a nice silhouette to your look.

Topman double breasted trench $139.95


In Autumn/Winter 2018, leather made a strong come back. From coats to trousers, leather smart casual looks reflected classicism and a rock ‘n’ roll elegance. If you’re wearing a leather coat or jacket, make sure to keep it open. Leather trousers might be intimidating for many men to wear, but it can make a trendy smart casual look seem effortless when paired with a simple tee, a classic open jacket or coat, and a pair of leather boots.

Politix Chocolate Leather Jacket $699


From formal wear to business casual, pinstripes were a prominent theme for menswear Autumn/Winter 2018. We’re all familiar with pinstriped suits but designers transformed this classic city attire into a look that’s more flexible with pinstriped trousers and coats being worn as separates. Pair pinstriped trousers with a soft, knitted jumper or a pinstriped coat over a business casual attire for a smart, fashion forward look.


Shades of brown like beige, taupe and chocolate were the key shades in many shows across Europe. Gone were the days when brown was considered dull. From coats, suits and accessories, brown added a touch of warmth and comfort to both formal and casual wear. It’s also a versatile colour and can go with most items you already have in your wardrobe. If you want a bit more colour, red and sunrise orange were also popular on the runway.

Trenery Cable Knit Lambswool sweater $169


From low-key tones to standout shades, plaid was another popular pattern for Autumn/Winter 2018. A black and white checked coat is a versatile piece that you can wear with a business or smart casual attire. Or you can keep it simple with a checked shirt paired with denim jeans – perfect for a relaxed weekend with family or friends.

MJ Bale Oldbury check shirt $129.95


The beret is back. This French style icon was seen all over Europe’s runways and featured by designers like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana. It even made its way to catwalks in Russia! Add a beret to your casual look and instantly get that classic, Parisian flair.

With these Autumn/Winter 2018 trends, you’ll surely take on the colder weather with confidence and in style! Stay warm and have fun incorporating these trends to your wardrobe!

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