The Sneaker Trend - Styled By Sally

The Sneaker Trend


Sneakers – high tops, gym shoes, runners, or trainers, just to mention a few other names they go by – have made a huge comeback for this spring and summer season.

There’s a reason for it; they’re comfortable, and if you work it right, they can have you looking fashionable and right on trend.

This footwear works well for both men and women, and the key for both is that they complement your current wardrobe. This may be colour, or style. Stick with what you’re likely to wear, keep the colours matching, and the style something you’re comfortable with. Also, please do try not to slip the old and worn running shoes on just because sneakers are in.

For men, team your basic Converse or Vans with some nice jeans. Your standard style will work with skinny or straight leg jeans, and with turned up cuffs and even cargo pants.

Make sure you wear them sockless, or with no-show socks.

High tops look great with your straight leg jeans.

There is the option to go a luxury version of the basic. The generally have a thicker base, a bit more substance and are made from a luxurious suede. They’ll work with dress jeans or nice, but not tailored, trousers and with a well pressed shirt they’ll work for your more formal-yet-casual events.

Unless you’re going for a run, avoid your standard running shoes, no matter how high tech or how high priced they are – they’re still running shoes! Keep them for teaming with sweat and singlets.

For women, the basic Converse will work just as well for you, and look really cute with some denim or turned up cuffs on your jeans, as well as with your skinny legs. With a range of colours, bright and bold, neutral and pastel, you’ll find something to suit your personality, and your jeans regardless of their colour or shade.

If you want to smarten it up for special occasions, without traipsing around in your stilettos, get some wedged high tops. From understated through to sparkly and glamorous, you can team these with jeans or some nice, black tailored pants to dress up an outfit.

While it’s important to purchase sneakers to match your current style and wardrobe, also keep in mind sneakers are for casual affairs. Teaming them with suits or nice jeans, a shirt and tie just won’t work, and could leave you looking as though you’ve forgotten how to dress yourself properly.

You can, however, show your style with the right sneakers, matched perfectly with the right pants and top.

The simplest way to look your best.

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