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The New Knee High Boot

I don’t think this is the first time I’ve started a blog with, “what goes around comes around” but that’s exactly what’s happening… again. Knee high boots are back! Get ready to relegate your ankle booties to the back of the wardrobe because this winter it’s all about the knee high.

Speaking of the back of the wardrobe, many of you probably have a knee high boot hiding in there somewhere. As a personal stylist and wardrobe stylist, I see many. If you do, it’s time to dust them off and decide whether they still fit the bill. Not sure if they do? Well, here’s the lowdown on what the new boot looks like and how to wear it.


The first thing to note about the new season boot is it’s a lot roomier than your classic, fitted boot. The look is relaxed and slouchy on the leg, making it a perfect option for those with stronger, more muscular calves and ankles.


The toe shape ranges from an almond toe to a pointed toe, which is great because this is what helps to balance the wider boot. If your boots are rounded in the toe, choose a considerable heel to help balance and avoid the overall shape looking dated.


There are always going to be a range of heels heights around, but the good news is that there are a lot of wearable heels on the market. My black ‘Songclark‘ knee highs from Bared (below) are a very comfortable mid-heel that is perfect for being on your feet.


Well this is where we can be creative! Of course for many of you, you’ll probably want to stick to your classic black or tan, but there are beautiful options including taupe, chocolate and white too! As you know I’m a huge fan of a light coloured shoe, and it’s the easiest way to freshen up your wardrobe. Don’t be scared, try it!


Ok here’s the fun stuff, how to style your knee highs!

Baggy pants: Unlike how we’ve traditionally styled our knee highs (i.e. over skinny jeans) this season it’s all about tucking in your straighter leg jeans and trousers! Now this is a trend to approach with caution. It’s NOT for everyone. If you’re tall, perhaps. If you’re petite to average height, this is going to be a very tricky trend for you. But hey, even if you’re not a personal stylist, give it a go and see how you feel!

Skinny Jeans: for those of you breaking out in a sweat just looking at the above image, the good news is that you can still team your fave skinnies with the new knee high. The look is more modern with the roomier boot, and you can add your favourite blazer, knee length coat or oversized cardigan to keep the look balanced and contemporary.

Printed dress: This is probably my favourite (and easiest) way to wear my boots. They work really well under a long, summer frock and you can simply add some tights, a turtleneck and a jacket or coat and you’ve got a great look!

Wide cropped culottes: This is a look I also rather like. However, I would suggest this look works best with a heeled boot (even a block heel) not a flat. Because both the boot and pant are wide, there needs to be a bit of balance to ensure we don’t shorten and widen the lower body.

A-line skirts: another fave, I love to team my knee highs with the A-line skirts in the wardrobe. Personally I prefer a knee high boot works with an A-line skirt rather than a fitted skirt. It’s a great way to get more bang for your buck from your non-winter items too, simply by adding a boot and chunky knit!

Tailored Shorts: Yep, the tailored Bermuda short and blazer is a thing! Is it everyone’s thing, perhaps not, but I think if you work in a contemporary workplace, you could definitely pull off this look!

Want more inspiration? Check out my KNEE HIGH BOOT styling video on YouTube.

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