The New 'IT' Heel - Styled By Sally

The New ‘IT’ Heel

the-new-it-heel-1While this year we see quite an emphasis on boots, flats and sandals to match the casual 70s look, there is always room for a good high heel in your wardrobe. This year the high heel is very high and feminine.

Now, when I say high, I mean high, and the striking impression given by this season’s shoe is elegance and delicate femininity. They are statement heels and full of fine and sexy detailing.

Here is an example. This is the ‘J’Adore’ sandal by Aquazzura. The heels are very fine and 4 inches high. The front of the sandal is open right to the toe and the sides are beautifully cut our and flowing in shape. The sandals are strappy, with multiple thin, buckled straps to hold the shoe in place and as a decorative feature.

the-new-it-heel-2For slightly more coverage, which will be useful in the southern states, the Adore Seashell by Diavolina is perfect. Again it has the lovely, delicate strappy look but this time the straps are highly decorated. The heel is 11.5cms in height, and the lovely nude colour is very much on trend for this season.

The straps don’t always stop at the ankle this year. In flat sandals you will notice a Roman Centurion vibe going on, and even some knee high boots have front cut outs which are laced up.

the-new-it-heel-3This is the stunning Jester Black/White Lizard also by Diavolino. Once again, the heel is 11cm and the design features slim bands from toe to well above the ankle. It’s a lovely shoe which relies on the lizard print for decoration, but has cleverly introduced plain black straps, too. You can have too much of a good thing, sometimes!

This season the colour palette is heavy on the nudes, earthy tones and traditional blacks and whites, but many designers like Jimmy Choo have also included a range of colours, to reflect this year’s 70s love affair with colour. This season’s high heel is stunning and the good news is that they will make you appear taller and slimmer, and add length to your legs. The shoes which are open right to the toe only emphasis that impression.

One word of warning when choosing strappy shoes like these – if you have heavy ankles, choose a different shoe. The ankle strap may not fit, and will certainly draw attention to those ankles of yours.

If you are petite, shoes with ankle straps will make you look smaller as they seem to visually cut off your legs. If you are looking for this season’s shoes, pay close attention to the position of the straps. Enjoy the femininity of high heeled, strappy shoes, and feel every inch the woman you deserve to be.

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