Summer Fashion 2021- Classic Style, A 70s Renaissance and More

Summer Fashion 2021: Classic Style, A 70s Renaissance, And More

Sunny days are finally here again, and you’re probably already preparing for 2021 summer fashion. However, with worldwide lockdowns affecting designers and manufacturers over the past year, fresh looks are in shorter supply, so we want to encourage you to decide your 2021 summer style.

During spring and summer 21/22, you—and your personal style—are in charge. Feeling panicked? We hope you’ll pick up a few tips here or it may be time to book a Styled By Sally style consultation: we’re ready to help you develop your personal style. When you know your personal style, it’s easy to shop so you’ll always look and feel your best.

Let’s look at trends you’ll see in 2021 summer fashion.

2021 summer fashion: women’s summer trends to enjoy (or ignore)

Northern summer fashion trends included bandeau and bralette tops; sheer tops and bottoms; big puffy sleeves (again); pastel ice-cream colours; wide-legged, flared 70s pants; and midriff strapping.

Women Summer Fashion

Dress Aje (

Reassuringly, some designers emphasized classic pieces, creating a capsule wardrobe which customers can dress up or down. Classics never go out of style. So when you’re styling your spring fashion wardrobe, shop for the classic pieces first: a loose white man-style shirt, a short and a long skirt, wide-legged pants, as well as an unstructured jacket to pull your look together.

Truly classic, white T shirts were popular with designers too. When shopping, focus on a shirt’s fit, as well as on comfort. You can style your white Ts with other classic pieces for work as well as weekend wear.

Summer Fashion 2021

Witchery white tee (

Remember to add a classic “little black dress” to your basics too. Several designers updated the always-popular little black dress with trendy details: bandeau tops, cut outs, and straps.

Women’s casual spring/summer outfits: making 70s fashions new again

Looking for something feminine and airy? The boho lace-insertions 70s style is back. You’ll find delicate lace insertions in shirts, skirts and pants.

Also back from the 70s: peasant blouses; appliquéd wide-leg jeans; airy ruffled dresses at various lengths; as well as fringe-embellished jackets and skirts.

A little 70s goes a long way, so combine a 70s-style top with your classic skirts and trousers.

Summer Fashion 2021

Witchery blouse

Men’s spring/summer fashion: mix wardrobe classics with your personal style

As with women’s spring and summer fashion, so with men’s. A dearth of fresh looks and materials means that until designers and manufacturers ramp up with new collections, exercise freedom with your fashion choices and choose whatever makes you feel great.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, wardrobe classics are a great place to start. Consider classic pieces to create a basic spring and summer wardrobe which you can style in any way you choose. Choose “breathable” natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and lightweight wool. Also look to classics such as a summer weight merino wool suit; white and chambray shirts; a Henley shirt; a couple of classic T shirts; denim, linen and chino pants; and cotton and denim shorts.

Summer Fashion 2021

Trenery linen shirt (

Women’s spring/summer outfit ideas: basics first, then add a standout item

Although spring brings warmer weather, it’s an unstable season, varying between summer heat and winter chills in a single day. Style several work outfits, focusing on layers and adding a jacket. On hot days, keep your jacket in the car in case the weather changes.

Summer Fashion 2021

Assembly Label linen blazer (

Choose an unexpected, surprising item for each outfit to draw the eye. You might wear a sheer blouse underneath a waistcoat or unstructured jacket, for example.

Shop for new-season accessories you can wear with several outfits. Straw bags are popular, as are chunky slides and sandals.

Men’s spring/summer outfit ideas: achieve your personal style, then add a surprise

Men’s spring and summer fashion hits the 70s as well as the 80s styles; not as loudly as in women’s fashions, but it’s there.

Could wide-legged trousers, voluminous Burberry trenches, pastel shirtings, and chunky shoes suit your personal style? Make it your mission to find out.

Focus on your classic pieces for work and for weekends, then add a surprise: something a little different to catch the eye.

You might consider a Breton fisherman’s shirt with linen trousers, for example. Or for work, a colourful pastel-striped shirt teamed with a black Prada suit.

Summer Fashion 2021

MJ Bale Camp collar shirt

Summer fashion 2021 is what YOU make it

Several fashion commentators talked about the “democratisation” of fashion this summer. Basically, it means choose your own fashion adventure and go for it!

Start with your own unique, personal style, choose items to flatter your shape and focus on the classics, to look and feel great this summer.

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