Summer 14 Styling Tips from Sally - Styled By Sally

Summer 14 Styling Tips from Sally

img-0873-2A visit to Melbourne Central to check out some of the hottest fashions for this summer, highlighted some stunning trends coming up this season. Keep your cool, look fantastic and stay right on trend with these summer styling tips.

Midi Skirts

A midi skirt is defined by its length, which finishes at the calf. It is best teamed with heels (unless you’re super tall) to ensure the style doesn’t look frumpy. Even petites can work this look as long as you wear a reasonable heel, and preferably one without an ankle strap.

Loose, flowing skirts with wider bottomed, A-line or trumpet style are best matched with a form fitting top tucked in. The pencil/slim fit midi skirt can be worn with a loose fitting or oversized shirt, top or sweater.



Pastels are the hottest trend this summer and perfect for the hot temperatures.

When choosing an outfit, go with a single colour for both top and bottom as this draws the eye up and down, having you look both taller and leaner.

You also want to balance out the top and bottom, so team your slim fitting crop pants with a loose and casual-yet-stylish tee. Add a crop-length denim jacket for texture, and some cute sandals with a small heel to finish the look.

Be aware that pastels can leave you looking a little washed out, so make sure you have a little bit of a tan. One out of the bottle is perfect.


The other big trend for this season is florals, and the most important tip for wearing these prints is to match it with a block colour that is taken from the print itself.

This applies to your shoe when opting for a floral dress, or wearing a matching floral print on your top and bottom, and to your accessories,

The same rule applies when wearing either a floral bottom or top. If you’re bottom, skirt or pants, is floral, match it with top in a colour taken from the print. If it’s a floral top, choose a matching colour for your bottom.

Another tip when choosing a floral-block colour combination is to work with your best asset. If you have great legs, that’s where the floral print is worn. If, however, your upper body is your best feature, wear a floral top, and keep to single colour on your legs.

Wide Leg Pants

Wide legs pants are not only fashionable this season, they are also incredibly stylish.

Again, it is important to balance the top and the bottom, so with a wide leg pant, you want a firm fitting crop-style top. A block colour, top and bottom, will also add height, and slim you down.

They are best worn with heels, for added height and slimming look, and to balance out the overall look, however you also need to work with your natural height. For the best effect, the cuff of the pants should almost skim the floor.

Wide leg pants aren’t for everyone, however, and skinny and tapered pants are still very much on trend this summer.

The rule about balance still applies, and in the case of slim fitting, skinny leg and tapered pants a looser, flowing top is a must.

For more tips and to see these trends in action, visit All About Women on YouTube with Summer Styling Tips from Sally

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