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Men’s Style Tip: How to Appear Taller in Your Clothing

When women want to look taller, we can just put on a pair of heels and we’re easily two or three inches taller. But it’s a bit more complicated for men. You can’t wear vertical stripes and platform shoes every day.

But I have good news for you. By making some adjustments to Men’s style and wardrobe, you can definitely look taller, more polished, sharper, and much more confident.

Go monochrome – Wearing one pattern or one colour palette creates an illusion of height as it avoids breaking the body line. But, skip the all black outfit as wearing all black actually makes you look smaller. Opt for grey or blue shades.

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Tuck in – tucking in your shirts immediately lenghens your leg and lower body creating the illusion of height.

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Go for a skinny necktie – Slimmer ties can make you look taller as they draw the eyes up and down the body.

Invest in a good tailor – A great fit that transforms your silhouette is paramount to looking taller. Suits that are bought off the rack can be loose on you, and loose clothes will make you look smaller. A good tailor can make sure your suit accentuates the right lines. It may cost more, but having a tailor can make you look sharp and totally put together. And I think that’s priceless.

Keep your shirts (and your hair!) short – Make sure that the hem of your shirt doesn’t go past your hipbones. Longer shirts will make your legs appear stubby. Keep your hair short too! Short hair can help elongate your neck and chin, which can help you look taller.

Avoid vests and belts – Vests draw attention to your midsection and away from the overall long lines of your body, making you appear shorter. Belts have a similar effect. It breaks the silhouette if your outfit which can also make you look smaller. If you must absolutely wear vests or belts, go for one that matches the pattern or colour of your outfit.

Wear a blazer – A blazer creates more height by building up your shoulders. And if you keep it buttoned, it accentuates your chest and makes the waist appear smaller, which makes you look both slimmer and taller. Ensure the waist button of your blazer is above your navel, to create an illusion of longer torso and legs. Opt for a shorter blazer too, with the hem just resting slightly above your hipbones.

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Wear v-necks – These shirts can make your neck look longer, giving the illusion of length.

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Avoid short sleeve shirts – Wearing short sleeves can make your arms look short, which can make your entire body look shorter too. Go for a long-sleeved shirt and then roll up the sleeves. This will elongate your arms and make you appear taller.

Skip the baggy, low-waist trousers – Wear trousers at your natural waist. This will help make your legs look longer, which will then lengthen your silhouette. Keep in mind that the key to looking taller is making your legs look longer. Go for a slim cut trouser with a smaller trouser rise as this can also make your legs look longer.

Keep your accessories simple and at the top half of your outfit – The more you are able to draw someone’s eyes upward, the taller you’ll look. Avoid accessories that are worn below the chest such as flashy watches or loud shoes. If you want to accessorise, opt for a hat or perhaps a bright pocket square. Limit your accessories to the top of your ensemble.

And finally, stand straighter! This can easily make you at least one inch taller.

The simplest way to look your best.

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