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Style tips for men: How to dress a beer gut

When you have that extra cushion around your midsection, you may feel that it’s difficult to look confident in your clothes. The key to looking sharp in your outfit is to divert attention away from your belly. I believe that with the right clothing, you can look dapper in every occasion.

Here are some style tips that will not only make you look good, but also make you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

Go for dark colours like navy, black, grey and charcoal – They’re slimming and draw attention away from your midsection. Pairing a dark coloured top with a lighter coloured pair of pants or chinos can create a balanced and proportionate look.

Invest in a good tailor – Some guys settle for buying suits that are too big, to try and hide their beer belly. As a rule, loose clothing can only make you look bigger. A good tailor can ensure your suit fits you well, giving you more room in your gut area while highlighting the slimmer parts of your body.

Skip the baggy pants – It may be tempting to hide your beer belly with baggy jeans, but trust me, a well-tailored pair of trousers and chinos can make you look good.

Avoid tight t-shirts – Choose a regular fit instead of a slim fit. A regular fit should line up with your shoulders and hang close to your chest while having a straight line all the way down for some breathing room in your belly area.

Go for a v-neck shirt – V-neck shirts can make your torso look longer and your frame look slimmer. Go for thin knit cotton, cashmere or silk-type fabric blends that fit your body well.

Make sure your button down shirts fit perfectly – Don’t make the mistake of wearing a button down shirt that is either too tight or too loose. Try to strike a balance between what is comfortable and what looks good. The shoulders should fit you well and the shirt should not be too loose on the sides when un-tucked.

Choose your prints and stripes wisely – Wearing printed and striped shirts can be a bit tricky. When it comes to printed shirts, choose smaller prints that are spaced more widely apart for a slimming effect. For a striped shirt, pinstripes would be the best. Avoid horizontal and diagonal stripes.

Go for low rise jeans – These jeans stop before your stomach, helping you to hide a beer gut. A slim and straight pair of pants can have a slimming effect on the rest of your body too.

Wear a jacket – A jacket can help draw eyes away from your midsection. Go for a blazer, a sports coat or an overcoat that accentuates your shoulders and creates an illusion of a slimmer frame. Wear it over your regular tee or button down shirt.

Stand up straight – This does not only make your belly look smaller, but it also makes you look taller, slimmer and more confident.

The simplest way to look your best.

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