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Style For Plus Size Shapes: Look Great, Love Your Look

At Styled by Sally we help men and women look great and feel confident at any size and body shape, and that naturally includes plus size shapes. Here’s some common questions we get asked about plus size fashion and styling, and some answers we hope will help you to love your look.

What is considered plus size and what is the best dress shape for plus size?

When addressing body shapes with clients, my strategy is to consider proportions rather than having strict rules for a particular plus size shape. While you may be in the 16+ size range, it’s your proportions that matter not your size. As a plus size stylist we’re looking to accentuate your assets by flattering your best features, while achieving an overall balanced silhouette.

And everyone has good features! Think about what you like most about your shape – is it your legs, waist, bust, your bum? What do you love about your body? What areas can you accentuate? How can you create a more balanced silhouette?

For example, smaller on top and fuller in the bottom? Often referred to as a pear shape, you can create balance by broadening your upper body and accentuating your smaller waist. Find outfits that hug your upper body and flare down below. What if you are equally proportioned top and bottom with no waist? Commonly referred to as a rectangle shape, find outfits that will give you a waist for example, with A-line skirts, wrap style dress and wide-leg pants.

Shopping and styling become easier when you know your proportions, the features you want to flatter, and the silhouette you’d like to achieve.

How do you style a plus size body? What looks good on plus size? Start with classic pieces.

Wardrobe classics are classics because they can be styled for most body shapes and are those quality looks that never go out of style. When styling, consider the season, as well as the wardrobe you need for your lifestyle.

In winter, your staple classic piece could be a knee length, structured coat or the quintessential trench; they’re both likely to work well with the rest of your wardrobe. In summer, consider classic styles too. That classic might be a shirt dress, or an A-line dress to skim over waist and hips.

Summer, winter and across the seasons, choose separates like classic shirts and pencil skirts to create many different looks. You can style shirts, T-shirts and jeans to work across the seasons too, dressing them up with accessories for a day out or more casual look.

When you go shopping, prioritise fit. Invest in a good tailor or alterations if your chosen garment doesn’t fit as if it were made just for you. Assess the alterations an outfit needs and get it altered immediately. A jacket with sleeves which are too long, or trousers which cover your shoes, doesn’t work for anyone.

Alterations needn’t be expensive. They’ll make all the difference to your look and your self-confidence too.

Speaking of shopping, you may be wondering about plus size fashion and the best style for you.

What is the best style for plus size? The best style for you is the style you love.

When it comes to curvy plus size fashion, forget limiting thoughts such as always wearing black or always emphasizing your décolletage. You can wear anything you choose if you keep balance, fit and your proportions in mind.

If you adore a new season’s trend, consider how you might get it to work for you. Today, many designers and stores cater to plus size shapes: find stores which cater to all women’s shapes and try on the latest trends.

Not sure what you need? We can help with a personal style consultation or a personal shop.

What flatters a plus size figure? A wardrobe edit will provide some answers.

When you commit to dressing for your body shape and making the most of your plus size figure, chances are you’ll need to adjust your wardrobe.

After you’ve assessed your proportions, try on everything. You may find that your current wardrobe offers more options than you imagined.

On the other hand, maybe a favorite outfit no longer looks good, or now that you’re considering proportions and fit, you can see it’s not working for you. If it’s a wardrobe classic, perhaps it’s the colours, rather than the cut. You may have a new hairstyle, or perhaps your skin-tone is darker or lighter than it used to be. Look for similar styles in colours which flatter you now.

Analyze your wardrobe for the current and upcoming season. Then decide what you need for your lifestyle, both workwear and weekend wear. If you need assistance with assessing your wardrobe, consider our wardrobe editing service.

What’s the best way to shop for plus size?

After you’ve done your wardrobe assessment, snap a photo of each item. Your pics will help when you shop.

Think about underwear too. Perhaps you need some shapewear to help support and smooth your shape. These are worth their weight in gold! They’ll also help when you’re trying on clothes; you can see what alterations a jacket or trousers really need.

Consider making a list of wardrobe additions you need before you head out on a shopping trip.

Rather than shopping where you’ve always shopped, look for stores which cater to women with plus size shapes; we have a list here. The staff should know what might look good on you, so ask for advice choosing clothes which not only flatter you, but also will match with what you already have.

What should you not wear for plus sizes?

You’ve tried on your current wardrobe, so chances are you know what you don’t feel good in. Everyone has wardrobe disasters, whether it’s a garment’s style, fit, or colour.

That said, in general there’s no garment shape or style you need to completely avoid but try to avoid clothes that accentuate what’s not working for you. Focus on your ideal silhouette’s proportions, on balance, and on clothes which fit so well they look as if they were designed just for you, and you’ll look great and feel amazing.

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