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Statement Handbags


A handbag is not only a vital accessory for adequately holding all the important bits and pieces a woman needs each and every day, but it can, if carefully chosen, be the item that transforms your outfit, shouts your personality to the world and, as the name implies, makes a statement.

Nora Ephron said in her article called ‘I Hate My Purse, ‘-your purse is, in some absolutely horrible way, you-‘

It is the piece that can make or break and outfit – and a relationship; be it personal, business, romantic or otherwise.

Any bag, big, small, clutch or holdall can be considered a statement bag, however many women prefer something bigger for their statement handbags, for two reasons.

Firstly, being larger it will be more noticeable and have more of an impact on your overall look. It will easily stamp you with the style you want to be noticed for.

Secondly, statement handbags aren’t just about matching an outfit. They are designed to look great as well as to be practical. If you’re using your handbag daily, it really needs to hold all your essentials. This is an important factor when choosing your statement handbag. You’re looking for something of great quality and that looks classy. A high quality bag is an investment piece, so look for something that looks fabulous as well as being suitable and practical for your daily needs.

Splash out and spend a little more for the overall look as well as the quality of the bag. It needs to stand up well to the day to day use, and continue to look stylish over a number of years. The other benefit of spending more is that the bag becomes an investment, and can be sold on down the track. A well-cared for second-hand bag of quality brand can bring around 30-70% of the retail value.

More importantly, however, choose a bag you Love. Whether this is soft and round, or firm with corners is really a matter of choice. This also applies to how bold or bright the bag is, so work with colours you’d normally work with when choosing your outfit. Alternatively, if you generally wear fairly neutral colours, you could select a bag that adds a burst of colour to your look. Your statement bag doesn’t necessarily have to match your outfit, but it must coordinate well.

A statement bag is not really designed as an accessory, nor to match or work with an outfit. It is about completing the outfit and your overall look. It is about expressing the person you are or the person you are aspiring to become. It is something that you’ll be carrying with you most days, so choose wisely. Define the statement you want to make; bright and bold, or soft and pastel? Animal print or plain? Make your statement today.

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