Q&A with Melbourne stylist Melissa Gold - Styled By Sally

Q&A with stylist Melissa Gold

Q: When did you first develop an interest in style and fashion?
A: Growing up my grandma made all my clothes as she used to be a seamstress back in Malaysia. She would put me in Laura Ashley styled dresses with ruffles, broderie anglaise and floaty fabrics and I would love wearing her designs. I also loved playing dress ups in mum’s closet too because she also loved fashion and I still share clothes with my mum to this day! Those are my first memories of appreciating style and fashion.

Q: Tell us a little about your professional background and experience
A: I studied Commerce/Economics and French at Monash University and I’ve been working in the finance and banking industry for over ten years both in Australia and abroad. Back in 2015, I discovered Youtube and started making videos for fun to indulge my inner creative. This lead to paid opportunities working with brands and freelancing as a makeup artist.

Q: Favourite holiday destination?
A: Japan – I love the culture, food, Japanese design and technology. There’s so much to do and see and it’s very family-friendly too, not to mention extremely clean and efficient. You don’t see any garbage anywhere and it’s easy to get around on public transport with trains being almost always on time!

Q: Any fashion regrets or faux pas?
A: My biggest fashion regret is wearing clothes that didn’t fit me or reflect my style. I used to wear a lot of baggy clothes that swallowed me up to hide parts of myself I was very critical of.

Q: Describe your personal style
A: Romantic, classic and edgy. I like to add tailored elements and keep a balance between structure and flow.

Q: What are your favourite wardrobe items?
A: My Issey Miyake pieces – they’re my equivalent of basics as they non-wrinkle, easy to maintain and well constructed garments that work well with the rest of my wardrobe.

Q: What’s your most recent purchase?
A: A beautiful relaxed silk blazer from Silk Laundry while on holiday in Gold Coast.

Q: Favourite designers or stores?
A: Issey Miyake because I love his architectural yet wearable designs. I’m also very partial to smaller, niche designers like Dominique Healy, Horror Vacui and Rosamen Bado.

Q: What wardrobe staple could you not do without?
A: As Melbourne is cold 80% of the year, I could not live without a long coat. My most worn one is a navy trench coat from Sandro which cost per wear is now down to about $10.

Q: When you shop for yourself, what’s your decision making on a purchase?
A: My main considerations when I make a purchase are: can I create multiple outfits with my what I already have in my wardrobe, do I feel good in it and does it reflect my style, is it unique to my wardrobe, and does it fit in with my lifestyle.

Q: What are some of the things you’ve learnt about styling since working with Styled by Sally?
A: I’ve learned that everyone has their own unique style and shape, and that clothes should fit the individual not the other way around. Also that style is for everyone.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with clients?
A: I love that I get to work with clients from all different walks of life. It’s also very satisfying to see the transformation when they put on an outfit that makes them feel confident.

Q: What do you love doing on your days off?
A: When I get a free moment I love playing piano as it relaxes me thus I played a lot during lockdown! Otherwise I enjoy spending time with the family and my two kids taking them the pool or spending time down in Geelong where we have a house we are currently renovating.

Q: What are your top 3 styling tips for women and men?
1. Wear what makes you happy and feel good – life is too short!
2. Buy the best quality you can afford
3. Treat everything in your wardrobe like it’s a delicate as clothes will last longer

Q: Minimalist or hoarder?
A: I’m a bit of a hoarder but an organised one!

Q: Chocolate or cheese?
A: Both but if I had to choose it would be chocolate.

Q: Favourite Movie?
A: Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s one of those films that haunted me for weeks after watching it.

Q: What Sex and the City character most resembles your personality?
A: Charlotte – I’m a loyal friend, forever optimist, and try to make the most of whatever life throws my way!

Q: What’s the biggest mistake you see clients make with their personal style?
A: The biggest mistake I see is when clients place too many style rules on themselves and have a “I can’t wear that” mentality. A lot of it stems from how we’ve been pressured by family, peers or media to look a certain way, and minimise ourselves. I relate to this a lot and have found it very liberating to allow myself to wear what I want and what makes me feel good.

Q: Describe your personality in 3 words
A: Determined, optimistic and intuitive.

Q: Do you have any style icons?
A: Susie Lau, Lizzo, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga to name a few. I love how they continue to push boundaries with fashion.

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