Q&A with Melbourne stylist Anne Guergues - Styled By Sally

Q&A with stylist Anne Guergues

Q: When did you first develop an interest in style and fashion?
A: My mum has always worked in fashion so from a very young age I remember watching her get dressed and admiring her style and that is what started my love for fashion.

Q: Tell us a little about your professional background and experience
A: I have a Business Marketing degree, worked in the corporate world for many years then owned and managed a couple of restaurants. When my second child started primary school in 2015, I decided it was time…time to start working in a job that a I actually loved (Personal Stylist) and I have never looked back.

Q: Favourite holiday destination?
A: Egypt

Q: Any fashion regrets or faux pas?
A: Doing too much. With age and experience I do believe that less is more.

Q: Describe your personal style
A: Classic with some sort of a twist – I love putting my own stamp on an outfit. Weather it be through jewelry or accessories, hair style…etc

Q: What are your favourite wardrobe items?
A: My trench coats and Blazers, love my basics and bags.

Q: What’s your most recent purchase?
A: Cargo pants – love them!

Q: Favourite designers or stores?
A: Zimmerman, Camilla & Marc, Vik & Woods

Q: What wardrobe staple could you not do without?
A: Trench Coat – solves everything

Q: When you shop for yourself, what’s your decision making on a purchase?
A: Alot goes through my mind!
Does it fit me well? Am I going to wear it lots of different ways? Have I already got something similar? Am I excited by it? Will I get sick of it?

Q: What are some of the things you’ve learnt about styling since working with Styled by Sally?
A: That it’s important to encourage each induvial client to embrace their own style, work with them to find what brings them joy.
That each client had as different approach, different decision-making process, different budget and different story and that we must adapt to them, not the other way around.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with clients?
A: Their stories, and seeing their faces light up with pure joy and confidence in the changerooms.

Q: What do you love doing on your days off?
A: I love being at home, walking Evie, cuddling evie, having a coffee, cooking something yummy for the family, doing pilates.

Q: What are your top 3 styling tips for women or men?
1. Trust your gut and how you feel in an outfit
2. Spend an extra 5 minutes after you get dressed, styling your outfit. Push sleeves up, tuck in tops, fix collars, add jewelry, think about your bag, shoes, belt…LOOK in the mirror
3. Don’t settle – fill your wardrobe with things you love and that bring you joy rather than ‘that’ll do’ things

Q: Minimalist or hoarder?
A: Both

Q: Chocolate or cheese?
A: CHOCAHOLIC – it’s a problem

Q: Favourite Movie?
A: Pretty Woman

Q: What Sex and the City character most resembles your personality?
A: Carrie

Q: What’s the biggest mistake you see clients make with their personal style?
A: Hiding under baggy clothes

Q: Describe your personality in 3 words
A: I don’t know!!!

Q: Do you have any style icons?
A: I admire so many different women and styles.

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