Q&A with Melbourne stylist Anne Guergues - Styled By Sally

Q&A with stylist Anne Guergues

Q: When did you first develop an interest in style and fashion?
A: From a very very young age (primary school). Mum has always worked in fashion so I’ve always had that influence in my life.

Q: Tell us a little about your professional background and experience
A: My first job was at age 14 at Jacqueline Eve (now known as Jacqui E). I studied a bachelor of business marketing at Uni and since then have had all sorts of account management / marketing roles and own 2 restaurants as well. Fashion and styling have always been part of my life-.my favourite job.

Q: Favourite holiday destination?
A: BALI for a quick and easy escape – it doesn’t disappoint

Q: Any fashion regrets or faux pars?
A: Over accessorizing – less is more

Q: Describe your personal style
A: Less is more and letting one key piece make a statement. I love statement ankle boots or statement bralettes or statement hair, statement earrings-.

Q: What are your favourite wardrobe items?
A: I love wearing shorts all year round and a good shirt… also am I allowed to say loving activewear? Haha, sorry Sally!”

Q: What’s your most recent purchase?
A: A white denim mini skirt (perfect with all my shirts!)

Q: Favourite designers or stores?
A: Zimmermann and David Jones for the great brands on offer

Q: What wardrobe staple could you not do without?
A: My shorts and skirt collection.  I can dress them up and down and it’s what I feel best in. 

Q: When you shop for yourself, what’s your decision making on a purchase?
A: If I can style it many different ways and it fits amazingly well and makes me feel great then it’s a winner

Q: What are some of the things you’ve learnt about styling since working with Styled by Sally?
A: That the stylist service is genuinely for everyday women-you don’t have to be well off or love fashion to benefit greatly from personal shopping -.it’s amazing what it can do for a person’s confidence. It’s such a feel good process-.the more clients I work with, the more I really believe it saves money because they are buying the right things and getting it all done within a couple of hours!

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with clients?
A: Seeing the excitement they start to feel once they try things on that fit well and make them feel amazing-I love being part of that process

Q: What do you love doing on your days off?
A: Shopping!!! I love trying on clothes and seeing how things fit and what stores have what – and of course stopping for a great coffee with friends

Q: What are your top 3 styling tips for women or men?
1. You’ll look a lot better in something if you feel comfortable in it.
2. Don’t try to be someone you are not-.stay true to what you like and what you feel good in
3. Invest in key pieces – build an amazing base foundation of clothing and the rest falls into place

Q: Minimalist or hoarder?
A: Kinda both!?

Q: Chocolate or cheese?

Q: Favourite Movie?
A: A Star is Born

Q: What Sex and the City character most resembles your personality?
A: Carrie – love her style

Q: What’s the biggest mistake you see clients make with their personal style?
Forcing themselves to wear things because they love it on someone else but they don’t love it on the themselves. If you don’t love it on you, don’t wear it.

Q: Describe your personality in 3 words
A: Loving. Loyal. Friendly.

Q: Do you have any style icons?
A: No one stands out but I am always admiring street fashion, celeb fashion, Instagram fashion

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