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Sally is a personal plus size stylist who knows how confronting fashion and shopping is on all levels, not to mention for men and women who are plus size. She also knows that fashion and personal style doesn’t stop at size 12.

The great news is that Sally works with men and women of all shapes and sizes, not just people who can shop in the standard stores stocking sizes to 6-14.

Many plus size women and men feel that the fashion world doesn’t cater for them, get anxious about walking into new stores or trying on new styles. The reality is that there has never been as much choice for plus size style as there is now. Mainstream stores are increasing their size ranges (Sportscraft to an 18, Witchery 16, Trenery XXL for example) and the big department stores have an extensive range of plus size fashion.

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Sally’s extensive knowledge of brands allows her guide her clients to stores that cater for the plus size client, making a personal shopping trip with Sally enjoyable and stress free.

Just like with any other client, our stylist’s expert knowledge on body shape will give you the tips and tricks to help you look your best.

Styled by Sally’s range of personal plus size styling services are a fabulous confidence boost for anyone, regardless of size, but we appreciate that a plus size client can get that little extra boost of self-assurance.

Styled by Sally aims to empower women and men to look and feel great, so matter what their size.

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