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Plus size shopping tips for women and men


Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and thankfully there are shopping options to suit everyone’s needs. We work with many women and men in the plus size range and find that Melbourne’s CBD provides the widest variety and best options.

Here’s a low down of our favourite brands and stores.

Women’s Size 18

Sportscraft – we love Sportcraft for it’s classic cuts, Liberty prints and Thea slim leg jeans

Trenery – well cut pants and jackets with a classic but contemporary feel

Jacqui E – what would we do without Jacqui E for the curvy ‘real’ woman. One word, dresses.

Sussan – generous cuts means an 18 is more like a 20, but great for well priced contemporary casual styles

Anthea Crawford – if you have a tummy to hide and big boobs to flatter, for a special occasion Anthea has you covered (available in Myer and DJs)

Women’s Size 18+

Nicola Waite – our absolute favourite for women looking for a modern, creative and unique look. This Australian designer caters for size 6-26.

et al – a Melbourne label known for its luxurious cottons and knitwear and draped styles. One or two pieces from here can be teamed back with your wardrobe classics

Feathers – easy, comfortable layering especially if you like lots of black

Blue Illusion – did someone say stretch pants and no muffin top?


Basque Woman, Piper Woman, Estelle, M Line – from corporate to denim to evening wear, these are our go-to brands at Myer especially for our younger plus size clients. We love that the Basque and Piper Woman ranges are just bigger versions of their ‘regular’ and petite sisters, so no compromising on fit and shape.

David Jones

Sara, Nouvelle Woman, Harper Rose – again, we like that these brands create styles that are not ‘frumpy’ and shapeless like many plus size lines and are great for the younger or woman.
Online Shopping

For some more online shopping inspiration, the wonderful Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim did all the hard work for me!
Check out her plus size online directory here

Plus size styling tips for blokes


Few of us are ever satisfied with our weight. Whether you’ve recently put on a few pounds, or you’ve struggled with excess weight for some time, the way that you choose to dress can make a real difference in how you look and feel. Choosing clothes that have the right construction, fit and color for your shape and size can make you appear neater and more trim while helping you to feel more confident and at ease. The next time that you go shopping for clothes, keep in mind the following tips to help you select apparel that will have you looking and feeling your best!

The Basics to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Any Article of Clothing

Regardless of which article of clothing that you happen to be shopping for, if you are carrying around excess weight, you will want to choose clothing that emphasizes a strong, vertical line to help you appear taller, and slimmer. Avoid anything that cuts off the vertical line that you are trying to create with your clothing.

Bright, lighter colors draw attention to the body and make it seem larger and more prominent. Darker colors such as black, navy, charcoal and burgundy are all colors that hide flaws and will help you to look slimmer.

Materials that bind or wrinkle will also draw attention to unwanted curves and excess pounds, so choose fabrics that drape easily, resist wrinkling and hold their shape. In cooler weather, go with lighter acrylics and wools that will keep you warm without adding bulk.

Pants – Fitted is Best!

Every great outfit builds upon a strong foundation – the pants! The best choice for a heavier frame is straight leg pants. This type of pants is as wide at the thigh as they are at the ankle, which gives the eye one continuous line to follow, drawing it upward.

Avoid pants that have pleats or extra pockets, which will also interrupt the straight line. Make certain that your pants fit at the widest part of your body, and have the excess taken up by a tailor. Pants that fit too loosely or that have lots of pockets and pleats will only add bulk to your frame and make you appear heavier.

Why V-Necks and Stripes Are the Best for Shirts and Tops

Avoid T-Shirts, tops, jumpers and shirts that don’t fit. Wearing tops that are either too big or too small will only make you appear larger than you actually are. Avoid busy prints, very wide horizontal stripes, plaids and checks that will chop off the vertical line and make you appear heavier.

Solid colors, pin stripes and V-necks will all emphasize that strong, vertical line that you are trying to create so that your silhouette is elongated and appears thinner. Polos and oxfords in darker colors are also good choices because their fitted construction projects a leaner frame, and you can always leave the top few buttons open for comfort while still looking neat and trim.

Once you’ve chosen your shirt, don’t forget that wearing it tucked in will also help you to appear thinner and neater. Choose a shirt that fits well from the tall section of the store if your torso is a bit long so that the shirt will fit when you sit down or move around. Always wear a belt when you wear your shirt tucked in for a neater look.

Top it off with a great fitting blazer

A jacket that fits well and is made of durable, quality materials is a must to unify your look and pull the outfit together. For the best results, choose a single breasted blazer to draw attention away from your chest and waist. The jacket should fit well enough so that all of the buttons can be fastened. Whether or not you wear it buttoned all the way up, or allow it to hang open on your frame, it will help to camouflage those excess pounds around the midsection.

Now that you know the basics, you should be ready to go shopping for clothes that emphasize your best features while increasing your confidence and comfort. If you think you might need some help in selecting the best clothing for your body shape, give me a call. I will happily do a personal style consultation with you and make the whole process smooth and enjoyable.

Where to shop

Big and Tall


Rodd and Gunn

RM Williams


High and Mighty

Peter Jackson

Hugo Boss

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