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Personal Stylist Tips: Love Child inspires 60-s fashion


Could your wardrobe do with a style shakeup?

The colours may be glaringly bright, and some of the prints larger than your head, but you can’t go past the elegance of the designs, cuts and figure enhancing shapes of 1960’s fashion.

Reminiscent of the smart and sophisticated woman of the era, think Agent 99 of Get Smart, coupled with the cheeky frivolity of 1960’s teenagers. A resurgence of this glamorous fashion which flatters the female form is occurring thanks to Channel 9 television series, Love Child.

It’s not only the bold colours, the bright prints and geometric shapes that appeal. It’s the stylish cut of the outfits; the beautifully tailored jackets, the well cut A-line dresses, and waist-defining forms that make any woman feel gorgeous and glamorous.

Here in Australia we were influenced by the Mod Scene coming straight out of England. The hair was long, worn loose and free flowing, sometimes with a headband for a touch of colour. The mini had arrived and although hemlines were rising it was still respectable, compared to the minis of later years. The dresses were simply cut, with long, clean lines and over them women wore coats of the same length, often double breasted with buttons placed over the chest. Add knee high, heeled boots and a large handbag and you were perfectly in style.

What is it like to wear the strong fashion statements of the early 60’s?

Teaming your mini up with a pair of knee or thigh-high boots gives you a youthful, yet powerful feel, from a moment in time where women were really coming into their own, making a stand and gaining a little power and control over their minds and bodies.

For a Jackie Kennedy aura and presence of power, a simple, tailored A-line coat and strikingly coloured shoes with an elegant, slim heal will put you in good stead for whatever is you are set out to achieve.

The 1960s really was a time of great change, great fun and great fashion that really made a statement about the era itself, as well as the women within it. It’s great to see such a fashion make a stunning comeback.

While Love Child is a show that focuses on unwed mothers and the often forced adoption of their babies, an action from which families are still dealing with the fallout, it is also a bright and beautiful display of 1960’s style. The fact that the show is already influencing Australian fashion choices says much about the excellent work done by the stylists and costume designers.

Would you like to wear these bright and beautiful styles this season?


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