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Personal Style Workshops- Personalised, relaxed, honest and fun.

What is a Style Workshop?

Our Personal Style Workshops are a fun and affordable way for a group of friends to get together in your home. Receive expert advice on how to dress for your shape and learn which of your existing clothes suit you best. You might also learn that your clothes suit your friends better! This basic skill can revolutionise the way you look and more importantly, the way you feel about yourself. Armed with your new knowledge you will be able to shop for new clothes that will look and feel wonderful.



Style Workshop

Why a workshop environment is great for learning?

We learn more when others are learning with us. The fun and relaxed personal style workshops run by Sally Mackinnon and her team, create a safe atmosphere where you can ask anything and say anything. Having a group of close friends participate means you all learn how to become style consultants for each other. And by learning about all kinds of style, fashion and body types your confidence and eye for style will improve no end.

The workshop is hosted in someone’s home. You and a group of friends (5 participants minimum) bring along a range of pieces from your own wardrobe. We work with each person to assess his or her body shape and personal style. Best of all we provides tailored recommendations to each person about what to buy and where to shop. The great thing about sharing this advice in a social environment is that the information typically relates to more than one person in the room. To know that others share the same concerns about their bodies, fashion and style can be a really refreshing.

Why a Workshop environment is great for body shape and fashion tips

What you’ll learn at the Style Workshop:

  • What body shape you and your friends are
  • What to wear for your body shape
  • How well your existing clothes fit and suit you
  • How to make sure a piece of clothing fits you properly
  • What colours and styles suit you
  • What to buy and where to shop

The Personal Style Workshops are perfect for:

  • Hen’s Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Mothers Groups
  • School Mums
  • Workplace team building
  • Any time you want to spend time with your friends and have fun


$95* each (5 guest minimum or $475 minimum payment)
*pricing inclusive of GST

What you'll learn at the Style Workshop

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