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The ‘Power Shop’ will have your style sorted in one efficient session.

Sally Mackinnon - Stylist for Men

Shopping for clothes and looking good has never been this easy.

Do you loathe shopping for clothes? Find shopping centres overwhelming and confusing? Can’t shop with your partner or family without it ending in tears?!

Well the good news is, you’re like most men and that’s why they LOVE our Power Shop service. 

Sally Mackinnon is Melbourne’s most experienced Stylist for Men, leading a team of experienced men’s stylists ready to take the stress and frustration out of shopping for you. When you work with us, shopping for clothes will be easy, efficient and dare we say, even fun! 

After getting to know you via a simple yet detailed online questionnaire, you leave the rest to us. With our experience and knowledge, we know exactly what stores to take you to that will meet your personalised needs – style, lifestyle, job, budget. There’s no wandering around the shops aimlessly – we shop with a plan of attack and we get results, fast.

Personal shopping with us is:

  • Efficient – spend less time shopping for maximum results;
  • Targeted – no time wasted wandering from store to store, you just go to the right stores for you;
  • Purposeful – buy exactly what you need and within your budget;
  • Cost Effective – with our exclusive discounts, you’ll most likely save your session fee!
  • Decisive – buy only what suits you, don’t be talked into buying things by sales assistants;
  • Easy – with our extensive knowledge regarding brands and fit;
  • Practical – the outfits will mix and match providing you with so many options
  • Objective – no judgement. Your stylist is your expert, not your partner/mother/sister!

Meet Sally and her team for the most efficient, effective and enjoyable shopping trip of your life. See below for our rates and locations. 


Men's Stylist Sally Mackinnon
Men's Style Consultation


Looking great for the bigger guy.

We work with men of all sizes. Just because you are bigger than others, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about how you look. The difficult thing is knowing how to maximise your best features and wear clothes that flatter your body shape.

Find out where the best places for you to shop are and the clothes that make you look stylish. Get your confidence back. Learn how to look and feel fantastic with a style overhaul with Styled by Sally.

Men’s Power Shop Personal Shopping Investment

$690* for 2 hours ($995* for 3 hours) with head stylist Sally Mackinnon in CBD

$450* for 2 hours ($650* for 3 hours) with Senior Stylists Loré Ebeling, Anne Guergues and Melissa Gold (Chadstone, CBD)

For you and your stylist to get better acquainted, you may choose to add a 30 minute Style Consultation to your Personal Shopping. This is a chat over a tea/coffee to discuss your personal needs, answer any questions you have about your style, shape or the session ahead, and for you and your stylist to ensure you’re on the same page before you hit the shops! Included in the Style Consultation is our personal Style Plan (and tea/coffee) The Style Plan is a tailored report written up for you after your session, which details all the advice and tips provided. Our clients love having a written summary of advice and find it a great reference following their styling session. The Style Consultation is priced between $80-$150

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Men's Style Consultation


Men’s Personal Shopping – FAQ’s

Q: How are you going to get me everything I need in only a few hours?

A: Because we shop with clients EVERY DAY! Retail is our workplace, which means we’re in and out of the stores every day and know what’s in, what’s out and where exactly to take you get you what you want. 

Q: I hate shopping and find it tedious and overwhelming. Why will it be different shopping with Styled by Sally?

A: Because we’re the experts and will do all the preparation, planning and selecting so you don’t have to think about a thing. We take you straight to the source to find you what you want. We don’t browse, meander, window shop – we cut out the middle man and make it the best shopping experience of your life. 

Q: I don’t want to be fashionable, I just want to look good and not have to think about it.

A: Most of our men’s client’s couldn’t give a sh*t about what’s in fashion! We work with everyday men who just want a wardrobe they don’t have to think about, but one that puts their best foot forward when it comes to all aspects of their life. 

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