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Shopping for clothes and looking good has never been this easy

Men’s fashion doesn’t change as seasonally or as radically as women’s, but that doesn’t mean guys have it easy when it comes to style and shopping.  

Instead of dreading a trip to the shops, have fun when you shop for clothes with someone who knows what makes you look great, listens to you and can effortlessly help you overhaul your wardrobe with her objective eye for style.

Sally works with your budget, ensuring you only spend what you feel comfortable with. With Sally’s exclusive stylist discounts, you’ll get even better value for money during your Power Shop. Having worked as a men’s stylist for many years, Sally receives generous discounts at most places she shops, that she passes straight on to you. In most cases, you’ll save more than your session fee. WIN.

Personal shopping with Sally is:

  • Efficient – spend less time shopping for outstanding results;
  • Targeted – no time wasted wandering from store to store, you just go to the right stores for you;
  • Purposeful – no aimless browsing to extend the shopping trip;
  • Focused – on you;
  • Decisive – buy only what suits you, don’t be talked into buying things by sales assistants;
  • Easy – with Sally’s extensive knowledge regarding brands and fit;
  • Practical – the outfits will mix and match to extend the possibilities in your wardrobe with less individual items of clothing.

Sally will create a shopping profile with you, discussing your favourite shops, personal style, budget and a plan of what pieces you need and which shops to go to. Personal shopping with Sally makes buying the right clothes simple. Shop with purpose, planning and vision to gift yourself the confidence to navigate any situation.

Power Shop

Looking great for the bigger guy

Sally works with men of all sizes. She knows that just because you are a bit bigger than others, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care how you look. The difficult thing is knowing how to maximise your best features and wear clothes that flatter rather than accentuate your body shape.

Find out where the best places for you to shop are and the clothes that make you look stylish. Get your confidence back. Learn how to look and feel fantastic with a style overhaul with Sally.

All Men’s Power Shop Pricing

$590* for 3 hours ($390* for 2 hours)
Add a 30 minute Men’s Style Consultation to your Shop for $95* (includes personal Style Plan, tea/coffee)
*pricing inclusive of GST

Sally works exclusively in Melbourne’s CBD but can meet clients at Chadstone or Doncaster on request.

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Book or enquire about Power Shop or call Sally on 0416 184 997

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