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Personal shopping for blokes



While there are exceptions, many a man’s worst nightmare is strolling through the shops, looking at clothes. It is especially bad when the poor bloke actually needs something new to wear. As unappealing as clothes shopping may seem, there is no escaping that how a person thinks about style and image and how he shops can have a pretty big impact on his life.

First impressions are made through our personal style. Whether we like it or not, our clothes speak to potential clients, bosses and dates. Not only that, how we dress impacts how we feel about ourselves. Who doesn’t love the feeling of looking like a million bucks?

If you’re a man who dislikes shopping, then having a personal shopper guide you when buying clothes and accessories is the only sensible thing to do. A personal shopper who is also a stylist will save you a fortune in time and money, and let you get back to doing manly things as quickly as possible.

· She knows where things are

· She cuts shopping time in half

· She knows what suits you

· She can select clothing to blend style with the demands of your life

¬∑ She will make the decisions for you if you can’t do it

¬∑ She’ll teach you what colours look good on you

¬∑ She’ll show you what to wear and why

¬∑ She’ll choose clothes you’ll want to wear, not just hang in the cupboard

Styled by Sally offers a personal shopping service that removes all potential difficulty and inconvenience from shopping for clothes. Sally Mackinnon is a style specialist, and can make recommendations that will steer blokes towards looking their best. She helps men discover looks that are compatible for their bodies and lifestyles as well as being classically on trend. Sally is in the shops every day, so can lead clients to the stores that have suitable items currently on sale. In the space of three hours Sally can help even the most hapless shopper collate an entire wardrobe of looks that match their personal self-image.

Hitting the shops with a personal shopper not only saves time and money, it can save a lot of stress and indecision. Most of us have had the experience of trying to find clothes to match what we already have in our closets. Many of us have fallen victim to shop assistants trying to sell us outfits that don’t help us look our best. With Sally’s expert advice the process becomes easy. There is no reason to wait to find your style and improve your image.

If you have a job interview or a special event coming up, boost your confidence by knowing that you look even better than Brad Pitt or George Clooney! Take control of your appearance, and have fun impressing others.

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