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Perfectly framed: How to choose the right glasses for your face shape

The hunt for the perfect pair of spectacles can go two ways: either you look good in every frame you try on or nothing seems to look right on you. For many men, the latter scenario is a common experience. Chances are, you have no clue as to what pair of eyeglasses will complement your best features, so you try on any pair that you think will look good only to discover that they don’t suit you at all.

Don’t despair. By getting acquianted with your face shape, you can make better decisions on the type of eyewear that will make you look handsome, smart and confident. Follow this easy guide and be on your way to finding that perfect pair.

What’s your face shape?

The first step is determining your face shape. Here are the key characteristics for each face shape, to help you identify what yours might be.

Square – You have a strong and defined jawline, a prominent square chin, and a broad forehead. The sides of your face are straight, and the width of your face is almost the same as its length.

Round – Your face has softer angles. The sides of your face are rounded, with your cheekbones as the widest point. Your face is equal in width and length.

Oval – Your forehead is slightly wider than the chin, and the length of your face is approximately one and half times the width. Your jawline is a soft curve.

Oblong – Your face is much like an oval shape, only longer and narrower. Your face is longer than it is wide and you tend to have a pointed chin.

Diamond – Your face is widest at the cheekbones, with a narrower forehead and jawline of approximately the same width. You have angular features and a defined chin.

Triangle – The shape of your face is similar to the structure of an inverted triangle. Your forehead and cheekbones are wider than your jawline, with a pointed chin.

Have you identified your face shape? Here are the best glasses that can highlight your strongest features:

For the square face – Opt for rounder, more circular styles to help soften defined or angular lines along your face. Consider styles with thinner metal as these will look lighter compared to darker and thicker

For the round face – Go for bold, angular as these will provide immediate structure to your face and lessen the roundness.

For the oval face – If you have an oval face, you’re lucky as most frame shapes look great on you. Oversized or bold shapes suit you best but if you want something a bit understated, go for teardrop shaped that are a slightly squared off.

For the oblong face – Rectangular, especially those that are wider and tapered towards the bottom, suit you best as these accentuate the chiseled areas of your face. Wide and tapered also help lessen the length of the face.

For the diamond face – The key to styling a diamond face is balancing your higher forehead and narrower chin. To do this, go for with top-heavy detailing and rounder edges as these will soften your sharp cheekbones.

For the triangular face – Thin, light metal, or clear plastic that are broader at the bottom or have some interesting design at the bottom of the frame works best for you. These help broaden your chin and balance the proportions of the face.

Looking for the perfect pair of eyeglasses doesn’t have to be such a challenge. By knowing what works best for your face shape, you can select and purchase eyewear with confidence.


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