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Online Styling and Shopping

We know that not everyone can access our one on one services in Melbourne, but you can access an Online Personal Stylist! Whether you live interstate, in a rural area or just don’t like to shop, our online stylists are here to help! 

We have a number of online styling services designed to give you the know-how without leaving the house. The following online styling services can be conducted via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or a good old-fashioned phone call.

Online Styling and Shopping

Online Style Consultation

This is the perfect service for those wanting to get the facts on style. Your online virtual stylist will help you get the know-how on personal style and dressing for your shape. The Style Consultation is a one hour chat focusing on your personal needs, which may include:

  • Tips and advice for dressing for your body shape
  • Where and how to shop within your budget
  • What’s in fashion and how you can wear it?
  • How to buy clothes that look good on YOU
  • Inspiration for your wardrobe

During the Style Consultation your online fashion stylist will make note of every suggestion, style and body shape tip provided. Your personalised Style Plan is emailed to you following your session.

Online Styling and Shopping

Virtual Wardrobe Edit

We might not be in your wardrobe, but we can still help you organise it remotely with help of our virtual stylist! While featuring all the benefits of the Style Consultation, the added bonus of the wardrobe edit is that we have time to go through your wardrobe. You can show us as much as you want (you can even try it on!) for honest and objective feedback.

During the wardrobe edit session you’ll receive practical advice on how to dress for your body shape, advice on how to mix and match your existing pieces, help with clearing out the clutter to have a smaller but more efficient wardrobe, advice on what’s missing in your wardrobe and where to get it. 

During the wardrobe edit your online style consultant will make note of every suggestion, style and body shape tip provided. Your personalised Style Plan is emailed to you following your session.

Online Styling and Shopping

Online Personal Shopping

Imagine having your very own online personal shopper? While we might not be 1:1 with you in the shops, we can still go shopping! We will take all the guess work out of online shopping for you by finding you the best picks available for you to shop at your leisure (i.e. from the comfort of your own home)

Your online stylist will assess your personal needs via an initial survey and then throughout your online consultation. This will help us determine the best stores and items to suggest for you. As experienced personal shoppers, the easy (and fun!) part for us is finding you pieces that you’ll not only love, but will work for your shape, lifestyle and budget.

How it works: we research the best picks for YOU. Your online personal shopper will send you a shopping ‘shortlist’ of items for you to peruse. Then, you decide which items you like best and purchase them yourselves!


Sally $345, Loré, Anne and Melissa $245 per hour (1 hour minimum) 

* all above virtual styling services can be combined into one session. For example, a one hour session can be split between a 30 minute online consultation + 30 minutes of online personal shopping. Equally, any research time after the initial consultation is charged by the 1/2 hour.

Online Styling and Shopping

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