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Offspring-s Nina Proudman and personal style


If you haven’t seen the show, you may not be aware that Nina Proudman is the lead character in TV’s ‘Offspring.’ Played by Asher Keddie, Nina is a woman with a clearly defined sense of personal style. In fact, her personal style is so clear that anyone who watches the show can pick it straight away. There is a touch of the boho and romantic about Nina’s style. Like a flashback from the 1970’s, she wears maxi skirts, knee high boots, tank tops and wraps herself with long, floaty scarves. She layers her clothing, slings a slouch bag across her body and looks just like a free spirit.

Nina’s style is so admired by viewers that it has spawned its own Facebook pages and blogs which analyse each outfit and work out where to buy individual pieces. Even Channel 10, home of Offspring, posts about Nina’s style and where to get it.

Why is her style so popular?
I think it’s because it is so whimsical, yet practical. Her dress style looks possible to recreate. After all, don’t most of us have jeans and boots in our wardrobes? Yet there is more to her look than these core pieces and that’s where personal style comes in.

Nina adds pieces that stamp her personality all over the outfit. Her long, slim scarves, her retro jewellery including long necklaces and her love of leather or fabric belts make her style unique. She mixes and matches pieces that don’t immediately seem to coordinate but somehow she pulls it off.

If you love Nina’s style, why not stamp your own personal style onto the look? Dig into your wardrobe and see what pieces are lying at the back of the drawer, or hanging in the dark unseen for the last few years. Take a good look at them. Ask yourself how Nina might wear them, then experiment. Pull on your jeans and your boots and play with tops and accessories. You will find a style you love and that’s when you make it your own. If you are looking for a starting place to shop for Nina’s look head to your nearest vintage clothing store or shop at Johnny Was. If that is out of your budget scour op shops for hidden treasures. That’s what Nina would do.


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