It's the new season: to buy or not to buy? - Styled By Sally

It’s the new season: to buy or not to buy?


I survived a self-imposed ‘dry July’ (on clothes shopping, not drinking!) and then August hit me like a truck! The new season’s catalogues filled my letterbox, their pretty colours sucked me in and the fresh new styles had me putting aside an afternoon to ‘research’.

In a couple of weeks I had purchased no less than a new pair of jeans, a cashmere cardigan, black pumps, two logo tees, a midi-skirt and a casual anorak. OK, enough already. I now need to stop, assess and think about what I REALLY need.

This is a tricky time of year to be shopping. It’s still cold, winter ain’t over by a long-shot, yet we’re faced with the onslaught of Spring and Summer fashion. It’s a time when the retailers tempt us in by offering discounts (thanks Country Road spend ‘n save) and have us thinking that if we don’t buy something NOW we’re going to miss out.

So how do you avoid the temptation to buy everything now, rather than wait for the weather to change when you can actually wear all the lovely new things you buy?

You may not think I’m one to give such advice given my lack of self-discipline over the past couple of weeks, but here goes:


1. Only buy something that will work with your existing wardrobe

Case in point: I purchased this black and white Veronika Maine skirt that was available in limited numbers exclusive to David Jones. Being such classic colours, I pictured the tops I already had in my wardrobe that it would work perfectly with. My off white silk shirt, black silk shirt, white cotton shirt, white oversized tee, black silk shell top, denim shirt, denim jacket and so on. So this purchase was a no-brainer and because of its length (below the knee) I can see myself quite easily wearing it now (I work indoors) as long as I shave, moisturize and fake tan my lower legs.


2. Only buy something that is a totally new addition to your wardrobe

Case in point: I bought this Country Road anorak (the beige version) I don’t own an anorak, never have. I don’t actually own a casual jacket, apart from a denim one. So this piece added something new to my wardrobe, and it’s been a great addition. Perfect for Sunday brunch with my husband, casual weekend catch-ups with friends, a casual Saturday night at the movies.


3. Only buy something that fits you like a dream

Case in point. I love jeans. I have a few (dozens) of pairs. But I’m tall and like most women, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect fit. And the other day, I found them. Well almost. It was my first experience with Frame Denim at Incu QV. After a brief struggle to get them up and over my thighs, they fit like dream. Super comfortable, the perfect wash and feel (cotton, poly and lycra) I was in denim heaven. Until I looked down to discover that they were hovering approx. 2 inches above my ankles. Drats. Only a 29inch inseam- I needed at least a 32. To cut a long story short, I Googled the jeans, found the exact same pair 3 inches longer, purchased online, delivered in 3 days, off to the tailor, hem extended another 1.5cm and I have the PERFECT fitting jean.

The simplest way to look your best.

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