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My Year of Mindful Shopping

I can’t believe I’m about to write this but… I need to stop shopping!

Don’t worry I’m not talking about YOU, my amazing clients who I love to style by helping you navigate the often tricky and stressful world of fashion and retail. But for me and my hip pocket!

But that’s not the only reason. Yes, I need to stop spending so much on clothes. But I actually WANT to stop buying so many clothes because I don’t NEED them.

My wardrobe is brimming with great clothes, probably more than most of you can imagine. I have a bloody fabulous wardrobe, full of pieces I LOVE and ENJOY wearing. So I’m challenging myself to actually SHOP my wardrobe and STOP adding to it.

I want to have less of an impact on the environment too. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter and I really don’t want to contribute to that anymore. I’ve always enjoyed passing my unwanted clothes on to friends and family, or donating them to charitable organisations like Fitted for Work or The Salvo’s, and I haven’t been a ‘wear something once’ and discard kind of shopper for a long time (though still guilty of that occasionally)

But nonetheless, I can do my bit to reduce the impact my clothing has on the environment and put my savings to good use. This is what I plan to do in 2019:

Well firstly, I’ve already started my year of mindful spending as of December 1!

Set myself numerous ‘Buy Nothing New’ months (thinking at least 6)

Create hashtags on Instagram so that you can join in #SBSStyleChallenge

Create my own style challenges, such as #1item10ways #DRYJULY #InspiredByInsta #StealHerStyle #DenimDaily #MonochromeMay

Follow existing styling challenges like 10×10 Challenge and Project 333 (I’ll probably do one of these over my summer break)

Shop my wardrobe – enjoy mixing and matching my own wardrobe to showcase my styling skills! DOH!

Set ‘terms and conditions’ on any purchases I make, i.e. must be made in Australia, ethically sourced and made, can document how to style over 10 ways etc

No fast fashion

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For those who might be wondering, “will Sally still be on top of her styling game considering all of this?” HELL YES!

I will still be styling and shopping for a living. I will still LIVE and BREATHE fashion! I will still be in the stores every day,  researching online, helping clients put together curated and carefully chosen wardrobes that they love, wear and wear and wear. That’s sustainable and mindful shopping to me.

I’ll just be removing the daily temptation from myself (including unsubscribing to Net-a-Porter and the like.. eeek!) which to be completely honest, makes me feel a little relieved. And through my daily outfit pics on Instagram, I’ll be walking the walk, showcasing my styling skills and showing you how to mix and match like a pro!

What do you think? Do you think I can do it? And will you join me?

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