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Mint Green a trend just waiting to happen

We’ve all had that moment when you open the wardrobe, rummage through your staples and quickly realise nothing sparks your interest.

You can’t find that piece that offers something fresh, different, something attention-grabbing or new.

If that sounds like you (and I know it’s me) then I’ve found a colour that should dominate what you dress in.

It’s fresh. It’s alive. It’s mint green!

No, don’t scoff. Mint green is a colour you’re going to love and if you start wearing it now, you’ll be ahead of the bell-curve as its popularity grows.

The many shades of mint green

This is what I love about mint green. There are so many variations that you can never get bored. One day I’m wearing something bright, the next I can wear mint green pastel.

There is bound to be a mint green that suits your colouring and style – you just need to find it (I know where you can get help!).

Here are some of my favourite shades to show the range and versatility of mint green:

Mint Green Dress

Want to stop traffic (in a good way)? This bright mint green will do it for you. I love how your eyes are drawn to it as soon as it’s within sight.

Mint Green Sweater

So much versatility here. Mint green can look almost like aqua and that means there’s no shortage of ways to create a fresh look.

Mint Green Bag

Are you more the classic type? Pastel mint green offers a softer, more relaxed feel. Paired with a bolder colour you can easily create a statement look.

Trust me, these colours above are only a small selection of mint green options available to you. If you don’t believe me, search Pinterest – you’ll be scrolling for hours!

How to wear mint green

I believe fashion is about confidence and wearing mint green is no different. And given it’s still hard to find in-store, there are no preordained rules around what you do.

But if you do want my personal stylist advice, here’s what I think.

There are two obvious ways to wear mint green. As a statement piece or as a subtle colour-pop to accompany another outfit.

Mint green as a statement piece is bold, creative and lets everyone know you have arrived. There’s no hiding wearing bold mint green, but why would you when it looks so good?

Mint green is also a great colour to subtly add to your outfit without drawing attention away from the hero piece. Think mint green in accessories like a bag, shoe or piece of jewellery. This approach will work perfectly with white, pastels and black (for something more daring).

Whatever the look you’re going for, there’s an option for you whether you want to stand out or be more subdued.

Mint green clothing options

I wouldn’t be a personal stylist if I didn’t offer you options. So, here are four mint green items I know you’re going to love (and want to buy).

Unstructured blouse by Seed

Unstructured blouse by Seed $129.95
Soft, subtle, clean and fresh. That’s how I would describe this mint green pastel blouse from Seed.

Textured pleat skirt by Seed

Textured pleat skirt by Seed $139.95
Seed must agree with me that mint green is an emerging colour. If you’re going to buy the blouse, get the skirt too. It will be a complete outfit.

Classic trench - emerald gingham by Arnsdorf

Classic trench – emerald gingham by Arnsdorf $750
It’s debatable but to me, this trench coat is a variant of mint green. Constructed of Japanese cotton, this coat is a statement piece while still remaining classic in style.

Silk short sleeve cowl neck shirt by Oroton

Silk short sleeve cowl neck shirt by Oroton $119
This pure silk mint green shirt is on sale, down from $249. With its relaxed, oversized silhouette, draped Cowl neckline and natural shell buttons it’s a must have item.

Gingham shirt by Gorman

Gingham shirt by Gorman $169

This organic cotton shirt is a simple style that will add a spot of interest and texture to your wardrobe without being a block colour. Team casually with denim and white for an uplifting look.

Here’s my hot tip. Mint green will become a fashion trend sooner rather than later. So get in on mint green now and be ahead of the game.

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