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Minimalist Monochrome

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Monochrome: ‘a style developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour’

Monochromatic black and white is more than just a season-in, season-out trend. There is no better example of how enduring a trend it is, than iconic fashion designers Coco Chanel and Carolina Herrera. Always chic in her black Boucle Chanel suit and white blouse was Chanel and the gracious Herrera in her signature white shirt and black trousers (or vice versa) is the absolute height of elegance and sophistication.

Monochrome in black and white is one of the simplest, most stylish of looks to try whatever the year, and whatever your age, and never fails to gain attention when done well. Bright whites tempered with inky blacks can be used to create a truly bold statement.

How to wear it-

The fact that you probably already have a few black and white items hanging in your wardrobe makes a monochromatic look possibly one of the easiest of Autumn/Winter trends to execute. Another plus about monochromatic style is that is helps to slim and lengthen, visually making everything look longer and leaner. And l ong after all the colored garments from the past seasons have faded into fashion’s oblivion, you will still be able to wear monochrome classics that stand the test of time.

Below- bassike AW13, bag by Sarah Conners


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