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Wardrobe Overhaul - Fill your wardrobe with clothes you love to wear

Sally Mackinnon - Stylist for Men

Do you have many clothes in your wardrobe but often feel like you have nothing to wear? Do you buy clothes that you will fit into when you lose a couple of kilos – but never do? Are you wearing the same couple of outfits that look more like a uniform than a fashion statement?

Or maybe you just can’t get rid of that favourite shirt that is a nasty shade of lime green that was fashionable sometime in the last century.

How a wardrobe overhaul works

The first step is to decide what works for your shape. Then we look at everything in your wardrobe, piece by piece, and advise whether it flatters your body and if it should stay. You don’t have to get rid of anything that you really love, we will just provide honest advice.

We also help by:

  • Reorganising your wardrobe space for better access to your clothes;
  • Suggesting new styles outside of your normal comfort zone, that work with items you already have and where you can buy them;
  • Recommending different combinations with the clothes in your wardrobe;
  • Creating an individual style plan for you.
Men's Wardrobe Overhaul

By the time that we have finished the overhaul you will:

  • Understand the types of clothes that flatter your body shape;
  • Have the latest information on the cut of men’s clothes and the current trends;
  • Know how to mix and match existing pieces for stylish outfits;
  • Have an idea of the gaps in your current wardrobe and how to fill them;
  • Understand the dynamics of a great outfit.
Men's Wardrobe Overhaul

What an overhaul does for you

  • Gives you a clean start – especially if you are overwhelmed by the number of clothes in your wardrobe and don’t know where to start;
  • Save money by maximising the use of the clothes you already own;
  • Increase your self-confidence by taking control of your style;
  • Cleaning out emotional clothing baggage gives you room for new experiences.


Head Stylist Sally Mackinnon – $790* for up to 2 hours ($125/$250 for additional half hour/hour)

Stylists Loré Ebeling, Anne Guergues and Melissa Gold – $650* for up to 2 hours ($75/$150 for additional half hour/hour)

*pricing inclusive of GST and includes our Personal Style Plan of written tips and advice 

Men's Wardrobe Overhaul

Expert advice on creating stylish outfits from your existing wardrobe

Wardrobe styling gives you a completely new level of personal advice from Sally and ensures that you get as much variety as possible from the pieces you already own. Sally will identify gaps in your existing wardrobe and show you how to mix and match items in ways you hadn’t imagined.

Every outfit is then photographed for you to easily access whenever you are stuck for something to wear! It’s a great way to save money by using the pieces you already have. Wardrobe Styling will also save you time – no more standing in front of the wardrobe asking yourself ‘what do I wear?’


$790 with Sally, $650 with Anne, Loré and Melissa (2 hour minimum)

Men's Wardrobe Overhaul

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