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Men’s Hats Trends and Styles for the Modern Gentleman

Men’s Hats were all the rage at the recent Sydney Fashion Week, not only on the runway but also among guests. Stetsons, akubras, and even the bucket hat were spotted on some very stylish heads. Needless to say, statement headwear is becoming increasingly popular. Here are four hat styles that are big trends in 2024.

Baseball caps

baseball caps

These aren’t just the classic snapbacks anymore. Baseball caps with sleek designs made of leather and suede in muted colours were seen widely on the runway. These simple yet classy caps often come with luxe touches like fur lining and subtle detailing. They’re stylish enough to be worn with formal suits, but if you’re not comfortable with pairing your suit with a cap, then try adding them to your casual wear. Choose a neutral colour and always wear them with the peak facing forward.



The beanie is a big hit, especially during winter. Textured beanies that feature chunky knits, thick stripes, and heavy wool keep your head feeling warm in chilly weather. When choosing a beanie, make sure it fits you perfectly. Beanies that fit too tightly may make you look like a matchstick while those that are too loose can leave a puddle of fabric at the back of your head. For versatility, stick to neutral colours like navy or grey.

Bucket hats

bucket Hats

Bucket hats have been a streetwear favourite for many years because of the urban look it gives. Pair it with athletic jerseys, high-top sneakers, or bomber jackets to achieve that laid-back yet stylish surfer-skater vibe.

Flat caps

flat caps

The popularity of period dramas on television and celebrities seen donning this headwear has taken the flat cap from its humble roots as a signature cap of farmers and chimney sweepers in the 1930s to its new status as a stylish hat trend. Wear it with your smart casual ensemble for a sharp look that has a dose of boy-next-door charm.

Do you feel that hats are not for you? Try something simple that you can be comfortable with. Perhaps start with a beanie this winter. Once you feel more confident, then try another style. Also, don’t be compelled to wear all hat styles. It’s alright to have one or two favourites that make you feel great about yourself and how you look.

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