Instagram Competition - Styled By Sally

Instagram Competition

We’d love you to share your Styled by Sally style!

All you need to do is:

  1. Upload a photo of yourself to Instagram
  2. Use the hashtag #styledbysally in your comments
  3. Tag @styledbysally in your picture (that we we’ll get in instant notification that you’ve added a photo)
  4. Tell us a little about your outfit/what you’re wearing/what you’re doing/where you’re going.
  5. Each Sunday, Sally and her team will choose their favourite look to receive a $50 Myer Gift Card
  6. Winners will be notified via Instagram and followed up via email
  7. We are not expecting professional looking images nor designer fashion. We want real pictures of you doing what you do every day (just happening to look fabulous, because after all many of you will have been styled by Sally- or Lore, Prue, Anne 🙂
  8. Just like us, we know you don’t all have personal photographers following you around every day. A mirror selfie or shot by your Instagram husband (or child) is completely acceptable!
  9. Anyone can enter. You do not have to be a client of Styled by Sally.
  10. Please note, for us to access your images you will need to have a public account.
  11. First winner will be notified on Sunday March 26!


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