How to - Women's Summer Sandals - Styled By Sally

How to – Women’s Summer Sandals

Some days, you just don’t feel like wearing those heels and simply want to keep your feet comfortable while you go about your day. Or maybe it’s the burden of needing to tie shoelaces which is bothering you.

It’s on these days that you need to grab that pair of comfy summer sandals that works with your outfit. With versatile yet simple designs, and more and more options built for style AND comfort, you’ll never have to choose between being comfortable and being fashionable!

Here’s a helpful guide on summer sandal styles (available to buy now) and how to wear them:

FLATS: below Jo Mercer

Your shoe rack isn’t complete without a good pair of go-to flats to strap on for any outfit. Flat sandals come in an endless variety of styles, from simple to strappy and plain to embellished. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday brunch, beach holiday or summer night out with friends, a pair of classic sandals can match any outfit from jeans to dresses.

Below: Wittner sandals in chocolate brown (NOW ON SALE!)

Tip :Invest in flat sandals that come in neutral colors (blacks or browns), and you’ll easily be able to match them with virtually any outfit.

WEDGES: below, podiatrist designed Bared wedges


If you feel like adding a few inches without having to hurt your feet, wedge sandals are the best option for you. Designed to elevate the foot whilst also providing it with a decent level of support, these are the perfect alternative to high heels.

Below: Wittner espadrilles (NOW ON SALE!)

Tip: Wedge sandals including espadrilles work well with dresses of all lengths. Not only do they make you look taller, but they can balance out a heavier calf.

SLIDES: below Elk slides 


Easily your go-to sandals when you want something really comfy, ready-to-wear, and that goes with basically everything! Slides recently gained popularity because they’re incredibly easy to wear. Slip them on to match anything from mum jeans to cargo pants, or even long dresses. Slides have a come long way from being basic rubber slip-ons, to having fur straps or embellishments.

Below: Trenery slides

Jacqueline Leather Slide

Tip : If you love wearing jeans, a basic pair of white rubber slides will come in handy for your wardrobe. They go especially well with boyfriend jeans and mum jeans!

BIRKENSTOCKS : below via The Iconic

Birkenstock - Arizona Regular - Unisex

I can’t quite believe I’m about to suggest Birkenstocks! Once reserved for back packers and travellers, these comfy shoes are modelled to suit the natural shape of your feet. Designed to never go out of style (and inspiring the likes of high end designers) some stores even allow you to have them customised to best suit your taste and wardrobe. They’re worth the investment as the material is so tough that they can last for several years.

Tip : Match your Birkenstocks with the classic blazer-over-jeans-and-shirt so you can easily switch your getup from the office to a night on the town!  

GLADIATORS: below via StyleTread

Want to make a statement with your shoes? Steal the spotlight with an eye-catching pair of gladiator sandals. Taking inspiration from the name itself, these strappy shoes are surprisingly versatile. While they are best for boho-chic outfits and summer dresses, there are styles of gladiator shoes that can go well with jeans depending on the style.

Below: Nine West gold sandal

Tip : Gladiator shoes look best with anything denim. Be it a dress, jeans or jacket; there’s always a stylish way to pull them off together.

Now that you’re armed with more options for sandals to wear this summer, it’s time to go out and flaunt your style. Want to make more of your personal style during these warmer months? Get in contact with us today!

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