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How To Wear Flats


how-to-wear-flatsHeels can make an outfit look elegant and sophisticated, or dress just about anything up, depending on the occasion and the heel.

There is, however, nothing like the comfort of flats, particularly if you need to be on your feet for any length of time. We know that high heels can throw our posture off-balance, which is not good for us over the long period. Flats will keep things as practical and comfortable as the occasion requires.


Flats no longer need look dull or unflattering. In fact, they can look totally stylish if you team them with the right outfit.

Sandals worn with a floral, flowing skirt are an ideal match. They take the whole look to a more sophisticated, yet fun level. To keep the look on par, ensure you’re feet are well maintained, with regular pedicures and a vibrant polish on the nails.

Pointy toe flats are the latest footwear fashion to hit the streets. They offer the grace and style of heels, even the sexiness, but are comfortable and practical. They don’t need to be strapped or buckled on, so they look wonderful with skirts and dresses.

Loose legged pants are making their way back in, too, so your pointy toe flats will add a touch of elegance to the outfit.

Flats work well with your tailored pants for the office look. Choose flat shoes rather than ballet flats or sandals to maintain the professional look. An enclosed, flat shoe works brilliantly with pants, and even with jeans or capris for more casual affairs.

In winter, a flat boot is a very versatile piece of footwear. In the office a boot goes well with skirts, but remember to choose a basic style and team it with colour matched stockings so that it visually adds to your height rather than making you look short or stocky.

If you have a romantic style and love to wear loose, swirling skirts – a touch of the flower child – flat boots will protect your feet in winter and add a touch of quirkiness to your look.

For a fun and playful look, you can’t go past a pair of slip on sporty-look shoes. In bright or pastels, they work with jeans, capris and even short skirts. They’re your every day flat, for all your casual occasions and to keep you looking stylish when you’re doing the most un-stylish of jobs-. like the grocery shopping.

Speaking of shopping, would you like some help to choose the perfect flat shoe for your personal style? My personal shopping service may be what you need to give you confidence in your choice of shoe and the way you wear it.

It’s not hard to keep fashionable with flats if you’re wearing them right. Go out and enjoy the style and comfort flats offer.

The simplest way to look your best.

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