How to nail your ZOOM meeting style… waist up! - Styled By Sally

How to nail your ZOOM meeting style… waist up!

With many us working from home, our day to day work style has changed considerably. I wrote about WFH style here, and gave you some tips on how to dress comfortably for a day in the home office.

But what about those of us who still need to maintain a professional look for online work meetings and the like? Perhaps a cosy cardy or a striped tee is too casual?

When meeting online, it’s still important to present an image that is professional and put together. Below are some pieces you can style (most of which should be in your wardrobe) to create a professional look from the waist up.

Your fellow Skype or Zoom meeting colleagues don’t need to know that you might be still wearing your pyjama bottoms down below!

Blazer, tee and necklace:

You can still wear your fave striped tee, but throw on a blazer and add a necklace for a professional look. A blazer will smarten up anything, even your classic tee. But to take the ensemble to the next level, add a necklace. It can be a simple chain, drop pendant or something more bold depending on your style.


Witchery striped tee

Portmans Blazer

Francesca Necklace (made in Australia)

White Shirt and lipstick:

A classic white collared shirt will look both smart and polished and an added pop of bright lipstick will complete your look. Throughout self-isolation, wearing a pop of lipstick during my online consultations has been the key to presenting a look that says, “I’m dressed for the day” even though I might be in my trackies and slippers.


SABA Boyfriend Shirt

Scanlan Theodore Button Collar Shirt

DIIDA Puff Sleeve Shirt (made in Melbourne)

Printed Blouse:

Wearing your favourite printed blouse will not only put you in the mood for work but it will come across well on camera. Smart, feminine, professional, you can simply wear it with your jeans or jogger pants, and your online colleagues will be none the wiser.


Veronika Maine Blouse (made in Australia)

Veronika Maine Blouse (made in Australia)

Kit X Blouse (made in Australia)


Choose your favourite colour from your wardrobe and wear close to your face. A colour you enjoy wearing and that flatters you, will look amazing on camera and will help to lift your spirits. And who knows you might even get a few compliments!


Sussan Pink Blouse

Manning Cartell Orange Blouse  (made in Australia)

Skin and Threads Bell Knit Sleeve


If you haven’t got much time between assisting the kids with remote learning and your next meeting, simply throw on some accessories to instantly lift whatever you’re wearing. Think statement earrings, a bold necklace or a colourful scarf.


Elk Sona Necklace

Gorman Earrings

Scarf (made in Australia)


The simplest way to look your best.

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