Men's Casual Wear | How To Look Good In Casual Wear

How to look good in casual wear

Does your idea of casual wear involve tracksuit pants, a sports sweater and a pair of running shoes? This outdated ensemble is hardly appropriate for the gym, so it’s time to get this image out of your mind. While lounging around in your tracky dacks and sweater may feel comfortable, does it make you feel confident? Moreover, how do you think others perceive you?

With the right clothing, casual wear can be both comfortable and stylish. It can give you that confident, smart and sharp look that make people gravitate towards you. We’ll show you how you can look good and feel good in casual wear regardless of your body shape or size with these simple tips.


Invest in jeans that are the right fit

Fit is crucial if you want to look your best. An ill-fitting pair of jeans can make you look daggy while a pair that fits you perfectly can make you look trim and sharp. Avoid baggy pants. Your pants should be able to keep themselves up without a belt. They should also be the right length and not pool around your ankles.

For a versatile pair of jeans, go for a straight, clean and dark-blue pair that fits you perfectly. You can dress this up or dress it down and it will still look good on you. Plus, a classic pair like this can be worn from one season to another.

Another causal pant that is a good investment are chinos. Having a pair of chinos in your closet adds some variety in your wardrobe and allows you to create many more ensembles by mixing and matching to change up your look. We recommend getting a pair in a camel or grey colour for more versatility.

Stay away from graphic tees

Unless you’re a child or a teenager, stop wearing graphic tees. Opt for solid coloured or striped tees as they look smarter and are easier to mix with other pieces such as a blazer, jumper or cardigan. Another alternative is a collared or button down shirt. A long-sleeved shirt made of light material also looks great for a casual outing, simply roll-up the sleeves until they’re just below your elbow.

Upgrade your footwear

Casual wear doesn’t restrict you to wearing sneakers alone. While sneakers today come in a myriad of trendy styles, you can explore other options for footwear such as loafers or desert boots. These are more dressy than your sneakers and can make you look sharper and smarter.

Learn the art of layering

Layering is about creating a subtle change in your outfit to make your overall look more visually appealing. Imagine putting on a grey sweater and a pair of dark denim jeans. It looks good but when you add a white collared shirt under the grey sweater, it looks even better.

For an even smarter look, you can wear a blazer over a plain tee. Adding in a blazer can pack a lot of punch even to the simplest outfit.

Go for the classics

Just because something looks trendy doesn’t mean you should wear it. While trendy pieces may be integrated into your wardrobe from time to time, in most cases trends are difficult to wear for the everyday man. It’s best to focus on collecting timeless pieces that will continue to look stylish in the years to come. Getting classic items of clothing allows you to save on money too, as they can last for many seasons.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with trends. Master the basics of men’s casual wear first and once you’ve achieved a look that makes you feel confident and comfortable, then you can start introducing a trend (or two!) into your outfit.

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