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How to do monochrome style


If you follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page, you’ll no doubt have seen Monochrome in March #monochromemarch where I spent every day of the month decked out in black, white and grey.

I thought it would be easy; it was and it wasn’t. Not surprisingly, I got a little bored and I really missed my colour and prints. So unless you really love monochrome and prefer not to wear colour at all it’s not a look I’d recommend for everyone, on a day in day out basis. However, if you like to dabble on the light and dark side, here are my tips for monochrome style.

Monochrome is timeless, can be casual or dressy, works for just about any age or style and whilst the look is more on trend some seasons than others, it really never goes out of style. It’s a simple yet chic look that you can wear any time of year and when done well, it never fails to gain attention.

Dressed up or down, it never looks out of place and it is the perfect choice when you don’t know what to wear or exactly what the dress code is so it adapts easily to most any occasion. As we talked about in How to build a capsule wardrobe , a little black dress is a staple and can take you from day to night, casual to dressy with a few simple accessory tweaks.

It doesn’t stop there. Monochrome styling is perfect for travel wear, either for business or pleasure, when space in your luggage may be at a premium and a mix and match and flexible wardrobe is essential. It also stretches a tight fashion budget, and key, quality pieces in classic styles are guaranteed to stand the test of time and earn their pay by wear long after the investment has paid for itself.

A little short or wanting to appear taller regardless of your height? Dressing all in one colour, black or white for example, elongates the body and can make us look taller, as you present one coherent and vertical image. Dark colours recede, making you look leaner as well as taller making black the obvious choice for this look if that is your goal.

Some ladies may feel washed out in black, especially close to the face, so a white colour, blouse or even earrings can be the solution, combined with well-chosen makeup to give your complexion the lift you feel you may lack without colour. Bright lips and nails are a great foil for the monochrome look if you dare, with red, hot pink or bright coral as obvious choices. If neutral and natural is more your thing, that can work too, but make sure you highlight your best features with extra gloss, shimmer or big lashes. Choose your hero feature and make the most of it. You don’t want your face to be overshadowed by your striking wardrobe choices.

One of the keys to getting the look right, is the choice of accessories, and this is where you can show your personality and go a little wild, without breaking the budget on one season items. Animal prints, geometric patterns or even florals, whatever the trend of the season, mix it up with an inexpensive clutch, scarf or even a shoe to lift the monochrome into the current look and wear it your way.

Can monochromatic dressing be dull? Yes, if not done well, and if like me, you like colour but for some reason choose not to wear it for a whole month! To wear monochromatic clothes well, don’t be afraid to throw in some on trend and edgy accessories or even a dramatic print or other piece to keep the look fresh.

The simplest way to look your best.

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