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Dress for success: Looking good in professional attire

Let’s be honest: appearance matters. It is especially paramount in business settings where competition is high and first impressions are everything. If you’ve ever thought “No one really cares what I wear”, you couldn’t be more wrong. How your boss, client, and colleagues perceive you is influenced by how you look. What you wear undoubtedly affects your success.


What you wear reflects your professional image

Wearing styled corporate attire signals to others your level of professionalism. We expect a doctor to wear a white coat and a mechanic to wear blue overalls. Similarly, if you work in a corporate setting, we expect to see professional attire and good grooming.

Being well-dressed is not simply about looking good. It’s key to building trust, respect and credibility in the workplace. Several studies have proven that people are more likely to give money (in the form of donations or tips) or information to someone who is well-dressed. Looking smart, sharp and confident could mean the difference between landing a new deal or being passed up for it.

People tend to gravitate towards people who dress well. This is because we evaluate others by their appearance and associate well-styled and well-groomed individuals as being successful, honest and competent professionals.

How you dress communicates your personal brand

In today’s business environment, relationships are critical. And in building relationships, we need to know how to market ourselves. This is where a positive personal brand or image comes into play. What you wear is a strong visual statement about who you are. It can shape others’ decisions about whether they want to partner with you or not.

Clothing influences both the wearer and the observer. Research has shown that your appearance strongly affects other people’s perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion. Business wear that reflects a positive personal brand not only helps you build relationships but also has a hand in how you move up the corporate ladder.

Dress for the position you want

Consider this. You are extremely good at what you do. Your performance indicates that you could be in line for a promotion. However, you keep coming to work in outdated shirts and trousers that make you look ‘low-energy’ or in other words, lousy. What you wear can give management the impression that you don’t care enough about the role if you can’t make the effort to look sharp enough for it.

Several studies support that dressing well in the workplace can lead to more opportunities and a higher salary. According to a 2011 salary report from Payscale, men who wear business appropriate attires tend to be paid more compared with their counterparts who don’t make well-appointed corporate wear a priority.

What you wear affects how you feel

It’s hard to feel insecure when you’re looking sharp in a well-fitted suit. Confidence and self-empowerment is a result of paying attention to what you wear. When you dress your best every day, you feel strong, intelligent and professional, ready to take on any challenge. You might also find yourself commanding the respect of your colleagues and the attention of those more senior.

How to dress your best in professional attire

It all begins with getting the right fit. Dress for who you are now and what will help enhance your body shape. If you’re holding onto a pair of trousers that you’re hoping to fit into once you’ve trimmed down get rid of them. The items in your closet should help you move forward in your life and career instead of keeping you stuck in “what-if” scenarios.

The second step is to create a personal style that reflects your personality, role and accepted dress code for your industry. For example, a creative agency might allow their employees to dress more casually compared to legal or financial firms.

Taking your professional attire to the next level often requires help and help can save you precious time and money.

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