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Denim Jackets


The weather isn’t always straight forward. Hot days may end in cool evenings, and those ‘between seasons’ periods can bring some gorgeous warm days. In case the chill in the air returns, it is wise to keep a jacket handy.

This year, the jacket you want on your shoulders is cut from a most durable cloth- denim. Denim jackets are stylish and comfortable, durable and versatile. They can be casual and utilitarian, or even high fashion. They are one of the few wardrobe items which can be worn with almost anything, and the range of what looks good this season gives the wearer a lot of freedom.

Denims to look out for

Patches are big this year, with all sizes of squares and other embellishments making an impact. If you are not a fan of covering the entire jacket in patches, a patch or two will do.

Clean is another hot denim this season. Pieces which are not frayed and not distressed have a classy presence that can redefine how we usually see denim.

Chambray is a fun alternative to stone or acid washes. Darker shoulders and lighter waists and cuffs bring a new dimension and modern look to this season’s denim jackets.

Fraying is in. If you prefer a casual, edgy look, some frayed edges will do the trick. You might like to go even further and cut off the sleeves, leaving the raw edges to build character to the jacket as you wear it.

Looks to Try

Denim jacket over nautical stripes- Whether it is a t-shirt or dress, the combination of white and blue horizontal stripes with a light denim jacket is a look that beckons summer. For a cooler afternoon, add a gauzy patterned scarf.

Denim jacket with jumpsuit or summer dress- These looks are casual and say super-fun. They are perfect for a day at a beach, fete, or farmer’s markets. Be ready to flirt with adventure, and wear flats to make the most of this easy to move in this ensemble.

Denim jacket with pencil skirt- Good News! You can still wear the contoured pieces you feel great in, and with a denim jacket on top you won’t be overdressed. A denim jacket is just the thing to give a dressy look a casual feel.

Have fun trying different denim jackets and looks until you find the ones that speak to you. It is a terrific garment that does well in


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