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Choosing a suit: What do you need to consider?

Every man should have at least one well-fitted suit in their closet. But since you’ll need a suit for different occasions such as business meetings, formal events, weddings, or a fancy night out in town, chances are you’ll need to own more than one.

For some guys, buying a suit may seem like a daunting task, especially if it’s their first time purchasing one. Here are some tips to help you find the right suit for you.

Fit – Fit is your number one consideration. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing an expensive designer suit or one that costs under $500. If it looks too boxy or too tight, then it won’t look good on you.

For a perfect fit, the suit shoulders should hug your own comfortably, without the fabric looking too loose or strained. The suit jacket should button easily. Both the sleeves and trousers should have the right length, not too short and not too long.

Still unsure? I strongly recommend having yourself measured in a store or by your tailor. This will be the difference between knowing you look good and never wanting to wear the suit again. This small investment will serve you many times over.

Colour – There are three basic suit colours: black, navy and grey. A black suit is the most formal of the three, usually worn to weddings and other formal occasions. A navy suit is just as formal but it has more versatility, so you can wear it for business meetings or dinners. A grey suit is also versatile and can be worn in every season, year round.

Material – Wool, spun into fine threads and tightly woven, is the most common material used in suits. This material is lightweight and breathable. Suits can also be made from cotton, which is more breathable so it would be perfect to wear during summer. Then, there are also linen suits that look very crisp and sharp. Make sure that your linen suit is pressed excellently as it tends to wrinkle easily.

Style – Suits today come in a wide range of styles. Trendy details such as peak lapels, double vents, and patterned fabrics are now available in the modern suit. When choosing a style, think about its versatility and if it will complement your body type.

Buttons – The number of buttons on the suit jacket is an important detail because it impacts how the suit will look on you. Most of the time, a two-button suit will work. It’s a classic style that looks good on almost everyone. One-button jackets complement a slimmer frame better while three-button jackets work for taller guys with longer torsos.

Budget – With the options available today, you don’t need to spend $1,000 or more for a good suit. There are quality and stylish suits for $500 and under. Going back to what I said about fit, when your suit fits your body well and comfortably, you’ll look like a million dollars anyway.

Get it tailored – Don’t expect an off-the-rack suit (designer brand or not) to fit you perfectly right from the start. Most of the time, suits are made longer or wider than their usual size measurements (S, M, L or XL) to cater to more men. This is why I recommend having a good tailor who can tweak the suit into your perfect fit.

If you’re really unsure about where to start or are wanting to step out of the norm and move beyond the classic colours and styles, an investment in a personal stylist can be a good option. They can help you move into a new style direction and work different colour and style combinations you may never have considered. A great suit may be a more expensive wardrobe item but when done right the rewards are priceless.

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