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How to choose the right frames for your face shape


Sunglasses have become the ultimate fashion accessory and reading glasses are also holding their own in the fashion stakes. Their look can change from season to season and whilst they may be glamorous and stylish on the rack, make sure you choose the appropriate ones for your face shape. Just as you are likely to select an outfit that flatters your body shape, the same should be true of your glasses style. Glasses will draw immediate attention to your face, so select wisely.
Your glasses size should be in proportion with your face size. This means that smaller glasses are best for smaller faces; larger glasses for larger faces. The frame shape should contrast with, that is, be the opposite of, the shape of your face. Here are the most common face shapes and the basic rules to follow when choosing a pair of glasses to suit you:

Oval face shapes are the most versatile because of their balanced proportions. Virtually any frame shape suits this face, but it is advisable to look for frames which are wider (or as wide as) the broadest part of your face. Experiment with the latest looks because you can; square shaped frames with gently rounded edges and higher temples look good on an oval face.
Famous Ovals: Gwenyth Paltrow/George Clooney

Square face shape consists of a strong jaw line, a broad forehead and wide cheekbones. Reduce the angles with soft, curvy styles that will give the face some definition such as cat-eye styles. These need to sit high enough, to minimise the jaw line. Another alternative is a narrow frame, one that has more width than depth, to widen the eye area. The classic oval and round frame also works well for this face shape. Avoid geometric and square shaped frames that accentuate angles of the face.
Famous Squares: (Demi Moore/Brad Pitt)

Oblong faces are long and narrow, with long straight cheek lines. You need to play down the length by choosing frames which cover the centre of the face. Select frames which have the effect of shorting and widening your face; styles that do not extend beyond the widest part of the face. Round or square shapes will look great as do frames with short horizontal and long vertical lines. Decorative or contrasting temples add width to the face. Avoid small and short frames that accentuate face length.
Famous Oblongs: (Sarah Jessica Parker/Denzel Washington)

Round faces need a contrasting frame such as a straight or angular one to make the face appear longer and thinner. Frames with a clear bridge over the nose will widen the eyes and narrow frames will lengthen the face. In general, look for frames equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face. Minimize the curves and add definition with soft, angular, rectangular styles or double brow styles. Higher temples will create a longer profile. Avoid round, large frames that make your face look rounder and shorter.
Famous Rounds: Nicole Richie/Kevin Rudd

Triangular face shape is characterised by a broad forehead and narrow chin. Contrast your shape by wearing thin-rimmed frames which don’t sit high on your face. Cat-eye styles are great for balancing your features and round frames in lighter colours will balance and soften a wide forehead. Frames that are wider at the bottom than the top help offset the narrow chin. Avoid over-sized frames which will only broaden the upper face.
Famous Triangles: Jennifer Aniston/Justin Timberlake

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