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How to choose the best neckline for your shape


As women we are faced with many decisions in life. How many pairs of shoes is too many, how do I wear ankle boots and should I wear my leggings out of the house?

I could answer all of the above for you, but today I’m going to tackle necklines; scoop, round, boat, V, turtle, halter, cowl, strapless and what works best for your shape.

Necklines come in and out of fashion but right now we’re not really seeing any one style dominate the trends. Certain stores seem to stick to the same formula. For example, you’ll barely find one example of a V-neck in Country Road. Jacqui E loves the V-neck because they know it suits a lot of their customers. So let’s kick things off with-


The V-Neck

Let’s just put it straight out there. If you have a generous bust, a V-neck is the most flattering neckline for you. In my experience, most women with a larger bust would like to make their boobs look smaller. A V-neck does that. So too will a scoop neck and a cowl neck. A cowl neck creates a soft drape that visually minimizes the bust as long as there’s not too much fabric in the drape. The key however to all these necklines for big busts is that they create and break up the distance from chin to boob, meaning a big bust will not only look smaller but look higher. Wearing a high neckline like a round neck makes the bust appear like it’s sitting low because there’s no skin to break up the distance between chin boob. Make sense?


What’s also great about the V-neck is that it’s perfect for women who don’t have much of a natural waist, or who are heavier in their tummy. A V-neck visually points to the shoulders and waist, drawing the eye in and up. Combine a V-neck with a wrap style and you have one very flattering style for boobs and tummies.


The high round neck

This is the style Country Road loves (pictured above) Unlike what a V-neck does for big boobs, the round neck does wonders for small boobs. A high round neckline creates the illusion of a bigger and rounder bust for the opposite reasons mentioned above. If you’re small busted and wide shouldered, a sleeveless high neck looks great. It shows off your shoulders but actually ‘contains’ them also, i.e. the coverage from neck to shoulder makes broad shoulders look a little narrower.


The Boat Neck

This is a classic neckline that is always in fashion in my opinion. It’s sleeker and more sophisticated that its round-neck sister, and again is the perfect style for small busts (especially if you add a horizontal stripe to the mix) Boat necks work quite nicely on narrow shoulders because the horizontal line across the shoulder bone visually points to the shoulders. Again, if you’re narrow shouldered add a stripe and that’s tick, tick, tick.


The Scoop Neck

Much like the V-neck, the scoop is a common neckline that suits bigger busts and is quite sexy and feminine. If you have a great d√©colletage and lovely skin in this area, a scoop neck is perfect for drawing the eye to your asset. Small busts can work the scoop, as long as you don’t go too low. A very deep, low scoop squashes the boobs actually making them look smaller. For big tummies and fuller figures, I would always opt for a V-neck over a scoop when you can. Because a scoop is round, its more likely to visually create a rounder silhouette whereas a V-neck creates angles which are more slimming.


Halter Neck

Warning: if you have big upper arms AVOID! The halter neck cuts away at the shoulders to reveal the shoulders and upper arms and should be avoided at all costs if your upper arms are your trouble spot. Halter necks however look great on those with narrow shoulders and slim arms, who carry their weight in their lower body. It draws the eye to all your best bits and away from the hips and thighs.



Do you know that something like 80% of brides wear a strapless wedding dress for the very first time in their life? And yes I’m guilty of this too (although I had worn few strapless numbers before then) Strapless is a tricky style and doesn’t suit most of us. Big boobs, forget it. Unless you have very good posture, toned arms, small-ish bust and under the age of 40 (phew, I just made it!) leave the strapless frocks and such to the youngsters.

The simplest way to look your best.

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