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How to choose an ankle boot


The ankle boot arrived on the fashion scene around 3 years ago, and has since dominated the winter shoe scene. If you didn’t jump on board the trend back then, chances are you have by now, or you may be ready to purchase your first ankle boot this season.

Just like any piece of clothing, there are some simple tips you can follow to ensure you buy the most flattering cut for your shape.

The ankle boot style has changed a little from season to season, and this year we see the boot height rise. By this I mean the height at which the boot finishes on the leg. The first incarnation of the ankle boot back in 2010, was known as the ‘shoe boot’. It finished at the ankle; a flattering point on most leg shapes.

Here are my tips for choosing the best ankle boot to suit your leg shape and height.

The dressy-heeled boot


For those looking for something more polished and elegant. This style is perfect as a winter work option, looking great under trousers and can be carried off with skirts and dresses.

Best for: Petites (under 5’4′) short legs, heavy calves or thick ankles, and corporate wardrobes

Avoid: no one needs to avoid this style. It’s universally flattering.

Wear it with: under jeans (any skinny to bootcut) work trousers, with opaque’s, skirts and/dresses

The flat riding boot


This style is perfect for women on the go; comfortable, simple and stylish. This is one of the lower boots available this season, with the boot finishing just above the ankle with a small stacked heel.

Best for: average to tall women

Avoid: petites (under 5’4′)

Wear it with: skinny and slim leg jeans, oversized knits

The modern high boot


This is the style being touted as the boot of the season. Finishing a little higher up the leg, it’s modern yet slightly heavier look is a bit trickier to pull off.

Best for: long/slim legs (regardless of height)

Avoid: if you have heavy calves and thick ankles, not appropriate for the corporate wardrobe

Wear it with: skinny and slim leg jeans, draped cardies or boho style skirts and dresses with bare legs

The knee-high boot


If you’re a stickler for all things classic and you don’t intend on changing anytime soon, then this is your boot.

Best for: balancing out wider hips and thighs, those wanting a wardrobe classic with longevity

Avoid: any length that finishes on the calf. A knee-high boot will be most flattering when it hits just under the kneecap.

Wear it with: perfect with fuller skirts and dresses, tunic tops and leggings (don’t forget to cover the bottom!) and over skinny leg jeans. Do not attempt to tuck in your bootcut jeans ladies.

The simplest way to look your best.

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